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Saturday, September 26, 2009

In Merriam, KS

I wrote an entire update to my blog this morning, but because I have been doing everything I can to enable Java so I can chat, I messed up html. I couldn't publish and I couldn't save.

I left Safari Inn at 10:00 am, and of course missed a turn a few miles down the road. I forgot you have to slow down much sooner before a turn because of all the weight you are pulling, so I just glided on through the intersection. The GPS led me on a merry ride over gravel farm roads and I finally got back on track, but my rig and truck are filthy now. It must have rained last night and I had to drive through some gravelly puddles.

I drove out of Chanute listening to Willie's "on the road again". I especially love the part "like a band of gypsies we go down the highway", and I know he is referring to Gypsy Willie, Gypsy Lady, and Gypsy Marty. I made it to the Walnut Grove RV Park in Merriam about 12:30 and was coaxed into my spot by the gentleman in the office. It's a tight fit, and will be tighter trying to turn out of here in the morning. I will go slowly and look carefully in the mirrors!

I hope to see Boris and Natasha this afternoon. I'm not going to get too settled in here as I won't stay for long. I have the dining & living room slides out, but the bedroom will probably be left in as it would really infringe on the doorway of the motorhome parked next to me.

I'm not sure where I will stop tomorrow, but I'd like to get an early enough start that I can cover some miles. I want to be at Sylvan Lakes CG in Dutchess Co. NY by next weekend, which shouldn't be much of a problem because I will stick to the interstates the rest of the way. I drove very little interstate from Chanute to Merriam, but it was a beautiful road and I maintained a fairly steady 60 mph. The part of Kansas I covered this morning was pretty with lots of rolling hills and trees.

Here are pictures of my visit with Mac and Lynette:

And here is a picture of "The Fix" from the outside:


  1. Glad to see you are on the road again. Hope all goes well for you when you take off again. No more mishaps!!!

  2. Great to hear you had a safe journey so far. Enjooy your evening and get a great start in the am.

    Take care

  3. Your fix is lookin real darn good:))

  4. You'd never know anything ever happened. What a great fix. Stay safe and have a great trip east. I hope to see you real soon. I can't wait to hear about Mary & Pauls visit.