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Friday, September 18, 2009

Update to Friday, Sep. 17

I drove about 180 miles today to McPherson, KS, and will get to Chanute tomorrow afternoon. I reserved a room at a motel (got a weekly rate) and found they can accommodate my rig in their parking lot until Monday morning. That will make it easier to transfer some of my stuff to the motel room. I hope the place doesn't have inside corridors!

I took US 81 south from York, Nebraska, which was divided most of the way. There was hardly any traffic on it and I much prefer a road like that to an interstate. Then in Salina Kansas it becomes interstate, but it still isn't heavily traveled. I will go through Wichita tomorrow and turn east to Chanute.

I'm staying in a Horse/RV Park outside of McPherson. There aren't many spaces filled, and they are all full hookups plus much wider than many parks. I'm glad I came on, although it was tempting to stay at the KOA. I'm ready to stay put for a few days, but someone needs to remind me of that when I get tired of living out of a motel room!

I am trying to decide whether I should keep my desktop computer with me at the motel. I can't get into the chat room on the laptop because the operating system I have doesn't have Java, or at least I can't figure out what version to download and how to download it. I've written my niece in NY to bring her Mac Book out when I am there - I would like to see for myself whether or not I could deal with something so different. She swears by the Mac and says I will want to steal hers once I check it out!

What a journey this is turning out to be. I thought I'd be in South Dakota or Minnesota by now, never dreaming I'd be in Kansas! At least Toto (Lady) doesn't mind where we are.


  1. I love my Mac Book but it will take some getting used to. You'll also probably have to get new software.

  2. You can download the lastest Java here:


    You can always removed existing older versions later. I have Vista and get updates automatically. Every once in a while when I don't have anything else to do, I removed any older versions on there. They are all numbered so it's not hard to figure out.

  3. Welcome to Kansas, we think we're pretty normal folks! LOL

    Best of luck with the factory people.


  4. So glad to hear you had a good day. What your doing is awesome. Very hard to keep up the pushing sometimes. Being alone is hard but you are doing great.

    Keep up the great work and I hope you get the good news from the manuf. In that it won't take 3 weeks to get the work done. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

    When you get a chance check out my blog
    Post a comment. Thanks

  5. Just caught up on several posts from you. congrats on the backing up improvment. I think it will take me several seasons to finally be confident. Hope things go will for you with the repair schedule!

  6. Thanks for the comment on my blog. It turned out great just would have been better with the mashed potatoes. Did your mom make it with the brown or red gravy? Would love to know.

    Good luck with your repairs. Later