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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

On a Roll . . .

I seem to be on a roll with doing dumb things. While pulling in my slides, which are opposite each other, I crushed a small table with glass top between the slide floors, and the glass shattered into a million pieces! I usually lift one edge of the table onto one of the slide floors and it works fine, but then I guess I usually think about what I'm doing.

I am at an RV park in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming, near the Nebraska border. It's the second park I stopped at - neither had anyone in the office and you just register and pay and drop the envelope into a box. The first place I stopped was not at all inviting. This one is 1.5 miles off the highway, which makes it not matter as much how inviting it is, considering it's only one night, electricity and water, a hot shower in the morning. I picked a site and set up - I was perfectly level without doing anything! Then I discovered it was only 50 amp electric and I don't know what I did with my adaptor, so I had to move. My bad luck was when I pulled in the slides to move to a different spot. Now I'm level side to side, and a little off front to back, but I'm just going to leave it that way for one night.

In the process of moving and getting into the new site I had to back up a couple of times. I think I'm doing quite well with it - the guys would think it's just baby steps. But I say, "One small step for a man, a giant leap for a woman!" (Is that corny, or what?)

My chicken didn't thaw out today so I probably will scramble a couple of eggs and throw some vegetables into the mix. After the trouble just getting in and set up, to say nothing of the glass I had to clean up, I'm almost too tired to eat.

The trip today went well. A lot of Wyoming is colorless and bland, but it is still beautiful. Very windy. I came to a stretch where there were miles of fence rows strategically positioned to break the wind. They just went on and on, and as I was thinking why in the world don't they have some wind farms here, I came to the top of a hill and saw the ridgeline in front of me with windmills as far as I could see. They could have a lot more, I think, with all that empty land and the monotonous winds.

I spoke to the man at Nu Wa in Chanute who does the scheduling and he told me they didn't have an opening until October 12, which absolutely won't do. We agreed that I will be there by 8:00 am on Monday, and they will start work as they have time. He estimated it would take a week or two at that, but most people who have looked at the damage estimate 3 wks at least. I think I will be able to explore Chanute from one end to another before I'm out of there. I'll be sure to give y'all a full report on the place.


  1. Just put your chicken in a sink of cold water. It thaws out quickly.

  2. Well gal I just finished reading everything you have posted to date. What a ride!!! I have to give you a heads up on your courage and fortitude. If you check out my blog CreationsbyLSM you can see my little rig. First time I pulled it I had never towed anything before. We had sold a small place in Lake Wales, Fl. and I had been looking and went out and bought my little rig. Had a minivan at the time, and took my little rig out on several trips, but it finally broke the tranny on the van and had to get a truck. All the money to get the minivan up to pull the trailer down the drain to a tune of well over a grand. Then had to spend several hundred to get the truck ready. Oh well, a learning curve right. So took it on my first trip by myself and towing it on the busy roads thru Tampa and on to Ft Desoto. No problems with it even though I was a little hesitant. I decided that I wanted the little rig and I was going to go with it. I have taken in on 12 or 13 trips so far and only taken hubby along on 3. I have two single beds that make up into one, an a/c, battery, 12 gal fresh/grey and black water tanks. 6 gal lp hot water heater, 3 burner stove top, nice fridge with freezer, heater, on demand water pump, bathroom with toilet and shower. Also a microwave, several outlets, lots of cabinets. All this in a little 15 footer. Plus a nice storage box on the front. Full storage under one bed and partial storage under the other bed. No awning, which I didn't want and no outside water, which I wish I had.

    To get back to your blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed the reading. You have done so well in overcoming the obstacles and anything that has gotten in your way.

    Pat yourself on the back and enjoy all your time and traveling. Keep it up until you can't anymore.

    I know now that if I had listened to the guys I wouldn't have gotten the tt cause they all told me my van just wouldn't last. So it didn't, so what, just take another road and keep on going. I had looked and looked for years and tried to learn as much as I could. Nothing teaches you as well and the doing. Since I got the tt I have looked at other things I could have gotten. If I had had the truck to begin with I would have gotten something bigger, probably used and a fiberglass egg. Casita, Burro or something similar. You talked about maybe something smaller, less work. You must know that we all have what if's. My van was paid for and now I have a truck payment, bummer. Now I could pull a bigger rig, but don't have the money for that, bummer. You could probably make do with a smaller rig, but can't do for lack of money, bummer.

    Sometimes depression get's the best of me and I wonder what in the world did I do. But, I do love my little rig. I have had so much fun with it so far. Maybe this summer I can afford to take it and drive to Salt Lake City to visit my daughter. I plan on going on and doing whatever I can.

    I have really enjoyed your post and look forward to many more. I am very interested in the workcamping stuff. That is what I would like to end up doing in the near future.

    If you get a chance write me back. Later Linda