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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo . . .

. . . Do I Stay or Do I Go!

I'm waffling this morning as I would like to get somewhere to get started on repairs before the damage gets worse. But I'm not used to driving every day and the energy it takes out of me to just drive into a fuel stop or an RV park. I also would like to stay to do some housecleaning, empty tanks, maybe even do laundry, and give the dog a good dry cleaning. Nothing will ever stay clean until she gets some of that volcanic dirt out of her fur. Yes, the "stay" side seems to be ahead right now.

The weather here is perfect: warm enough during the day for shorts & sleeveless shirt, and cold enough at night to snuggle under the down comforter. This park is so nice - it is huge but mostly unused right now, and as I mentioned the spaces are very wide. I can look over at a group of 5 or 6 motorhomes and even with slides out they aren't so close together. Maybe at the height of the season it would look different, but I kind of think this park was laid out in a thoughtful manner with consideration given to allowing folks plenty of space to get in and out of, and not to pack as many as they can in the space they have. I stopped at a KOA yesterday afternoon and was so disappointed in how they had spaces set up in every conceivable direction with little room to maneuver.

I believe that the damaged wood I didn't know was in my rig was the attraction and entrance point for the mice at Lassen. I came to the conclusion that I wronged those sweet little chipmunks, and that in fact the culprits were mice. I found a deceased mouse the day before I left, no doubt trying to escape when "it" happened. Somehow I feel less bad about slaying mice than I would if they were chipmunks. Plus I would have probably violated some federal law that protects wildlife at the national park (mice are vermin, not wildlife in my book).

Here are a couple of pictures taken when Linda and Howard came to visit me at Butte Lake.

Here is a picture I took yesterday of the Snake River:


  1. Stay. Rest. Relax. Enjoy.
    They'll be plenty of time to deal with the rest of it...down the road.
    And, you'll feel better tomorrow!

  2. You sure have had your share of trials & tribulations these past few days. Your pioneering spirit is keeping you strong. Many men would have already buckled to the pressure I'm sure. Guess it's just one day at a time for you now until you get some of those dilemnas prioritized & squared away. A smaller rig is definitely in your future. Stay strong...:))

  3. Take your frustration out on the mice.

    Grrrrrrrrr Go get 'em girl!

  4. I am sorry you have sustained damage to your nice 5th wheel. I hope that you can get the repairs done that you need. You are amazing to me! I've been following your blog for a while now and admire your gumption and spirit! You are a woman with a true pioneer heart! Hang in there.

    Margie M.
    a fellow fulltimer

  5. Hitchhiker is made here in Kansas, and your coming this way! They have the equipment to relaminate your damaged parts!