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Monday, September 14, 2009

In motion but haven't moved yet!

At least things are in motion now. This morning I spoke to the insurance agent who is submitting the claim. He advised me to call Good Sam road service to have someone come and look at the damage and possibly tow the RV. He told me I should not tow it myself until I get the go-ahead. So I'm now waiting for the tow truck operator who should be here in a couple of hours. I'm also waiting to hear if one of the two camp cabins in this park will be available for a few days. My insurance covers motel and meals, and while the cabins are expensive per night, I can at least cook my own food and won't have to move my belongings very far.

There is way more damage than I first noticed, and I am very glad I listened to my gut feeling that told me not to tow it. I rationalized that I was just tired, which was probably my intuition at work.

I hate to admit it but I have not unhitched since I've been here. I should probably go do it now and get it over with. I'll update later in the day after I've gotten some idea of what this is going to entail.


  1. Amazing how quickly and unexpectedly plans can change, huh? A little accident while fueling, a trip down the steps, even a bad cold can have us reevaluating weeks of planning and travel!

    Gypsy, the damage you showed in the photos looks pretty significant - I think your insurance company's advice not to tow until it is evaluated is good. If you have watched (and more importantly, listened) to someone park a big 5'er, you know how much stress is put on the trailer when backing and turning. Maybe you didn't realize at the time how much damage there was because it didn't look nearly as bad until you drove on to your stop for the night.

    I hope it can all be put back together again with a minimum of hassle and $$$ - but the most important thing is to keep your adventurous self safe!

    (BTW,I loved your take on the life of a pioneer woman!)

    Safe travels,

  2. Sounds like a plan is coming to-gether & soon you will be on your way all fixed up in search of new adventures. Ohhhhh, if only it was all that simple huh. Not to worry.....you have the spirit to plow through all this......AL:))

  3. Hang in there...hopefully you will be put back together and on the road again....sooner rather than later....till then just try to kick back and relax...

  4. I'm glad you will be getting your 5er repaired sooner rather than later. These things can be so stressful. Good to have those camping cabins near by. I'll be waiting for the next report!