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Sunday, September 27, 2009

In Illinois

I am at Timber Trails Camp-In in Mulberry Grove, IL. It is a beautiful place, secluded and no highway noise that I've noticed. I have a prime space (for me) - near the road that leads out and directly across from a cornfield. No immediate neighbors on either side, they honor Passport America, and are very friendly. I have electricity and water.

I left this morning at about 9:15 after saying fond farewells to Mary and Paul (aka Boris & Natasha). We went out for a wonderful meal last night - Kansas City BBQ - after cocktails at their motorhome, and what a treat for me to drink a scotch & water (or two). I drink beer alone but never want to get used to drinking spirits alone, so I never have it unless I'm in company.

There was no traffic this morning and the Kansas City skyline was beautiful. Actually I had little traffic until I got near St. Louis. I passed a lot of signs for RV Camping but decided I wanted to get through St. Louis today rather than worry about Monday morning traffic tomorrow. Then I had to go further than I wanted to in order to find a place, but Timber Trails is worth it. I drove well over 300 miles today, over my optimum limit, but I did fine.

I had forgotten how much I love the Midwest. It's hard to put into words exactly what the difference is, but I think the folks in this part of the country have more of a give and take attitude, even the truckers. For example I was pulling back onto I-70 after a fuel stop and realized I wouldn't be able to cut into the traffic so I prepared to stop at the end of the ramp. There was a truck in the right lane who couldn't move over because he was blocked by traffic in the left lane. To my amazement he slowed down considerably so I could enter the lane. Truckers never do that and I don't expect them to because I know you can't get back up to speed as quickly as a car, so I really appreciated his kindness. In fact, I said aloud "Bless him and I hope he wins the Power Ball lottery!" I will absolutely faint if I hear that a truck driver in Missouri won it.

I am realizing that it isn't easy driving every day. I much prefer to drive for a day or two and then stay for a while, but I want to get a little closer to NY before I take it easy. I wish I could visit my granddaughter at her college in PA, but I remember the roads to that little college town from when I drove my Jeep there. I definitely wouldn't want to take a 5th wheel, unless maybe I knew ahead of time about overhead clearances. Also, I don't remember seeing any RV Parks along the way, nor did I notice RV's parked at the local Walmart (Huntingdon, PA, in case anyone has that Walmart/RV parking book). She will be 20 years old on September 30 and I would really love to see her, but I may have to make do with a phone call.

Adios, for now.


  1. Gypsy: first of all, glad you had such a great experience with your 5th wheel in Chanute--I don't think anyone can beat NuWa for service.

    You might want to try Greenwood Furnace State Park in PA--not very far from Hundington. We've never been there, but we have stayed in many PA state parks and they are great. Per RV park reviews, the sights are level and very large. Phone # is 814-667-1800. Just a thought. Safe travels.

    Dione (from NuWa Forum)

  2. So glad things are going well Gypsy.This campground sounds like one we may be interested in when we visit our son who lives in Il just over the St Louis line.