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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Waiting around

I'm not doing anything today except for waiting around to hear from Nu Wa. I got a call early this morning asking me to drop by for a few minutes, which I did. They wanted to show me how they will fix the exterior in order to avoid having to replace the entire side wall. I will go along with their plan, but so far they haven't determined the extent of floor damage. They said that the interior wall panel is not available in the exact pattern/color presently throughout the RV, so they may have to install whatever they have available. I would hope it won't clash, but if it does and since it is not a very large area, I decided I can always paint it if I don't like it. Then I can hang photos all over it, which sounds nice when I think about it. It is just about large enough to become the "grandchildren's wall". I'm not so concerned about getting the exact same panel because from what I've seen of the many 5th wheels I've looked at, in every make and model, most of the paneling is generic anyway.

This accident and the waiting around for repairs has given me time to consider if I want to be a full time RVer at all. It doesn't take much time for me to come up with a resounding "Yes"! While I don't like moving all the time, I certainly can't imagine myself living in one place all the time either. I wouldn't want to expand the space I'm currently living in, and still think I'd like to downsize a bit. But Gypsy still plans to be on the road!


  1. Keep that great attitude going Gypsy. Your good for countless more hundreds of thousands of miles. Your 5th wheel might not weather the journey, but you will. I like your idea of how to fix things. Throw a hand full of paint at it & hang a picture or two on it. My kind a gal:))

  2. I finished reading your blog from beginning to end. What an inspiration you are. Keep on RV'ing love reading your blog.


  3. Oh gosh Gypsy, that is great news that your rig will be fixed up and ready to roll! And for you to be so accomodating on the mismatched panel pattern. They are lucky to have an easy-going person at your end of the deal. I hope it's repaired quickly and done well for you!!!

    (reading how antzy and uncomfortable you are with hotel living, or being cooped up made me just KNOW you wanted to be out on the road and in the wilderness again)

  4. That's great news that you'll stay on the road. We want to meet up with you so bad. I'm glad it's fixable and you'll be free to travel soon.