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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The drive today started off with rain and heavy traffic, but once I got on I80 in Pennsylvania it was a piece of cake! Even so, I was tired enough to stop after driving a little over 200 miles. I really wanted to visit my granddaughter who is 20 today, but she is in Huntingdon and there is no way to get there except on state roads. I have been driving too far and too long, and I don't want to go off the interstate any more this trip. Narrow roads and worrying about clearances are something I need to avoid until I'm more rested.

I am at a very scenic RV park, which is set out on terraces up the mountainside. I will try to get pictures of the view from here. The folks here are especially nice. When I asked the woman who checked me in if there was anyplace nearby to buy beer, and she gave me directions to a beer distributor that is about 5 miles from here. (Evidently beer isn't sold in gas stations in PA.) When I laughed and said I didn't want a beer that badly, she went upstairs into her private quarters and brought me back 3 cans of Yuengling Lager! How is that for nice?

I was level front to back but high on the mountain side of the rig, so I got out the boards and backed up, then pulled forward on them, finally getting pretty well adjusted. I would liked to have dumped the waste tanks but the sewer connection is far enough away to require me to get out the longer hose and I just don't feel like doing it today. I wish I was staying two nights and then I could do it when I'm not so tired from the driving. Oh well, when I'm in New York!

I am really low on food, although there is still plenty of meat in the freezer, but not much in the way of anything else. Last night I had scrambled eggs with corn tortillas, and I may just have the same tonight. It's easy to fix and easy to clean up. I should have bought bread when I stopped for fuel - but SHOULD-A, COULD-A, WOULD-A seems to be my mantra lately.

I will probably stop one more night near the PA/NY border and will get to my destination on Thursday.


  1. Too bad you're so far away, I have bread and eggs you could have since I can't eat them anymore!

  2. Stay safe Gypsy!!! I admire you so...they way you are managing. Wish you'd come by and visit my Blog and check in with me sometime. Be thinking about you.....