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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Just Bein' Lazy Today

It's nearly 5pm and I can't really think of anything I've done today.  I did do a bit of cleaning yesterday, so I guess I need and deserve a day of rest.  I'm actually wondering if I need to go  back on thyroid pills.  I never did notice much of a difference while taking them, and when I went to refill my prescription that had been 86 cents for a 3 month supply, they charged me $15 for the exact same thing, I quit taking them.  That is about a 1600% increse and I didn't feel like it made much of a difference.  Speaking of increases, I noticed an incredible increase in the price of groceries just in the past two days.  I usually order online and have them delivered, which is an additional expense, but many of the items I always buy went up by as much as a dollar!  I think we are in for some tough times ahead.
Rocky is taking several pills that the vet gave us, and he is even lazier than I am.

About an hour ago somebody drove into the driveway - not unusual as there are four duplex units in this lane.  Mr. Nosy wanted to see who it was, and I looked up to find him standing at the kitchen sink on his hind legs, looking out the window!  It was the funniest thing - he is so tall when he stands like that.  I wonder if I could teach him to wash the dishes!

I recently ordered a subscription to the Sunday newspaper and received the first one today.  It makes me realize how bad my eyes are, although I can see the ad section pretty well.  It's difficult to read a large amount of print with a small magnifying glass, so I ordered an 8x10 magnifier.  I hope that helps but probably won't make it any easier to work the crossword puzzle!

So tomorrow is Labor Day but I find that holidays are just like any other days.   I hope your weekend is a lot more exciting than mine has been so far!


  1. A day of cleaning needs to be followed by a day of rest.
    I love that you think maybe you can teach Rocky to wash dishes LOL.

    What kind of insurance do you have. While perscriptions have gone up a bit I still only pay $9. for 3 mths of Thyroid pills. Now my inhalers are $45. and that hurts.

    I'm not doing anything tomorrow either don't really care much for holidays anymore.

    1. As a federal retiree, I have excellent BlueCross/BlueShield coverage (although I sure pay enough for it every month.) I may try a different pharmacy and ask what they would charge me to fill that Rx. I don't like holidays anymore either, and I miss looking to see if I got any mail. That's the highlight of my day lately!

  2. My thyroid pills (levothyroxine) are free at OptumRx through Part D of Medicare. If you have Medicare Part D and don't know how to do this, let me know, and I will help you with it.

    Virtual hugs,


    1. If I'm not mistaken you have one chance to sign up for Part D, and if you don't, then you can't come back later and sign up. Is OptumRx a service that is available to anyone? I wouldn't mind ordering them by mail if I could get them free or cheaper than $15. Before I get them anyplace I need a doctor to order a test to see if I actually need them. I was borderline when I started taking them, and never did notice a big difference in how I felt. Thanks for your kind offer of help.

  3. My mother also takes thyroid medication even though she feels she does not need to...the blood work says differently. Her 90 day supply at HEB cost $1.30

    I no longer celebrate holidays they are like any other day. Actually with the drunk, unemployed step-son of my mother's nice neighbor I actually dread them. He just started about ten minutes ago with the loud music coming from his truck...gosh, I wish he would get a job and move the hell out grrrrrrrrrrr!