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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Always waiting on something!

I seem to be forever waiting, and lately I keep checking the two flats of seeds I've planted - about 150 seeds in all, of 5 or 6 vegetables.  I have the garden beds rototilled, and need Donald to cut the wood to construct four good sized beds.  Ara will be coming back to Sacramento for a few days at the end of this month and I'm almost tempted to wait for her to help me, although I know she will want to plan her own activities for the short time she is here.

We have about 4 more hot days next week, and from then on it looks to be fairly cool (that is, Sacramento cool, which is probably much different than, say, Michigan cool).  I'm anxious to start planting although the seeds I've started haven't sprouted yet.  Maybe it will be another week.   We have a wind advisory for the next few days and I hope my garden soil doesn't blow away!  I'll try to keep it damp in hopes of holding it down.   There is so much to do, indoors and out, and I just can't get much accomplished.  No one would believe what a whirlwind of energy I was in my younger years.

Rocky and I walked over to Jeannie's house this morning.  There were kids from a sleepover last night; both Steve & Joe left their kids with Jeannie & Donald.  Rocky was in heaven with all the people around.  He spent some time out by the pool and actually managed to get in the water for about the first step or two down; when I see him standing on the steps or the edge of the pool I'd like to push him in but I haven't yet.  It's too cold to swim although Rocky has a double coat and the chilly water shouldn't bother him at all.

Jeannie and I got about a third of the Sunday NYT crossword puzzle done when I decided to start walking back home.  Rocky and I promptly fell asleep for over an hour.

On a shopping trip to Costco yesterday I bought a package containing two bottles of Scrubbing Bubbles shower and tile cleaner, and another two of bathroom cleaner.  So I don't need to use  carpet cleaner in the bathroom from now on.  All those scrubbing bubbles should do the trick!  But as someone commented, "soap is soap", although I'm sure the scrubbing bubbles will smell nicer.

I wish you all a good week ahead.  They certainly fly by too fast to suit me!


  1. Sounds like you had a nice weekend, shopping and walking, spending time with family. I shampooed carpet in one of the rooms and cleaned up the yard. Today not much of anything.

    1. I often wish I had carpet although the dog hair would be a real problem. I have been tired of hardwood floors for years now, especially when I have to get on the floor for something. That wood is so hard on my knees! Also, the finish is totally worn off these floors due to the people before me having two fairly large dogs. I'm sure my dog would do the same thing. The trouble is that the floors get dirty so fast.

  2. We got our Black Lab, Mystic in February '91 and shortly thereafter went down to our lake. We got out of the car along with her and were standing there talking when we heard a splash. Yes, she jumped in and was swimming in that cold lake water. From that day forward we could not keep her out of the water. Good memories.

    1. I think if I could get Rocky to a lake he might go in with the kids. All it would take is one time!

  3. Gypsy, you are so impatient!

    Glad Ara is coming back for a few days, I forgot when she is getting married. I think Rocky will jump in the water when he is ready.

    Nice to hear that you will see cooler temperatures in your area wish that was the case here.