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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

What a Naughty Dog!

Every weekday afternoon I walk up to school, pick up my granddaughter Auti, and we walk back here to wait for her dad.  Rocky knows I do this and that I can't take him with me.  I usually take great care to remove anything from his reach that could get him into trouble.

This morning I  opened a new box of Kleenex to keep on the kitchen countertop.  When I arrived back here with Auti, the entire contents of the box of Kleenex was on the floor.  He usually never bothers with them, but I left him no choice.

It rained a bit this morning and it has been breezy and cool all day - absolutely beautiful weather!  I even was able to spend some time in the garden this morning, but have so much to do to get it into shape for fall planting.  My son, Steve, is going to come by this weekend and rototill the garden plots.  I hope I can snag him into helping me cut the grass.  Much of it has gone away with the dry weather we've had, but it wasn't really grass to begin with just because it was green.  Weeds are green too.   I'm going to get some good grass seed to spread on the ground and hope some of it will take hold.

We're turning the bend and going down the stretch to the weekend.  Time goes by so fast these days I feel like I'm on a race horse!



  1. Yes time has been flying by. It has cooled down for the most part but it was about 97 today but still better than the triple digits.

    1. Isn't it something to say "cooled down to 97 degrees"! I just hope we don't go back up to triple digits this year.

  2. Maybe Rocky is mad because you won't take him to pick up Auti from school...so he decided to let you know in his unique way?

    You are so lucky to have your children in this instance your son helping you with planting and yard work.

    Time goes by so fast I can not believe September is more than half way gone.

    1. Rocky definitely hates it when I leave him and he manages to do something to show me how he feels about it.