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Monday, September 16, 2019

What a good dog!

Rocky is still limping, and in fact I'm taking him back to the vet this afternoon.  But last night my niece came over with their new puppy, what they think is a Rottweiler/Pitbull mix.  It's a cute little 6 month old dog with boundless energy, and ran around the back yard like a mad dog!  Of course Rocky ran as well, contrary to what the vet said he shouldn't do.  Then as it got dark we came into the house, and that darn little puppy wasn't the least bit tired - he continued to try to get Rocky to rough-house with him.  Rocky didn't really want to but the pup kept after him.  I was getting really agitated about the whole situation, when Rocky, like the champion wrestler he is, pinned that puppy so tightly to the floor he couldn't move a muscle!  I have never been so secretly proud of him.  (If he could have talked he would have said, "say mercy").So I finally got my voice back and said I didn't want Rocky playing any more because of his leg and whatever is wrong with it, and my niece went home with the pup soon after.

Today poor Rocky is limping much more than he did before, and we are going back to the vet in a few hours.   I feel so bad for him because his instinct is to take it easy, which he does all day.  When the kids, or anyone else for that matter, come over his instinct is to jump with joy and want to play.  What an absolutely beautiful temperament and personality he has, and I love him to pieces.  So then, how can I get so mad at him at times I could throw him out the door and lock the door?  Of course I would never do that, but it crosses my mind for a second or two.

I really wish someone would have taken a photo of those dogs when Rocky had the other one pinned! 

We had rain this morning, and it's turning out to be a gorgeous afternoon.  I'm wearing jeans and a flannel shirt as it is cool for Sacramento.  I have the doors and windows open and am so happy not to turn on the a/c today.  We will still have some more hot days before long, but they will be few and far between! 

I'll say "so long" for now as I have to go pick up my granddaughter from school in a few minutes.  We walk back here, and then her dad and younger sister pick her up.  I guess today they will all go to the vet with me.


  1. I certainly hope that the vet can get to the bottom of Rocky's limping. You are so lucky to be able to have the A/C turned off.

    1. I just love the cooler weather, and even if we get a few hot days back, at least I know relief is on the way.

  2. I sure hope they take and xray of his leg and hip. Yes we had a great day here to and the a/c was off most of the day until the humidity got so nasty before the rain.

    1. Donald and I could both see the way he puts his right foot down isn't right, but it's so slight I don't know if the techs & vet picked it up. I was sent home with some meds and will take him back in a few days. He needs all his annual shots and vaccinations as well. It will all add up, and I wish I could get doggie medical insurance!