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Saturday, September 7, 2019

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I realize that many people know I started out with a travel-oriented blog, but my traveling days are over with.  I may do a short trip again, but not far and not for long.  My granddaughter is getting married, probably next summer and probably at the beach on the coast of California.  I hope it is a fairly close beach, and of course I will manage to go to her wedding although I will probably have to find a place to board Rocky for the couple of days I'll be gone.  I have never been a beach person but I'll "wing it".  I know I've mentioned a canoe accident I had when my kids were very young and how it affected me when it comes to water.  I certainly have no desire to go near a beach!

I started by speaking about blog orientation, and I no longer can write a travel blog, although I certainly enjoy reading blogs of others who are still leading the nomadic life.  Now I'm more oriented to my dog and my gardening efforts, and well as my kids.

With that said, tomorrow the temperatures here are supposed to go down into the 80's, FINALLY, although I wouldn't be surprised if we don't have a really hot couple of days now and then.  If it is in fact in the 80's tomorrow, I have so much work to do in my garden.  My three tomato plants have all but quit producing, and Jeannie's original 6 plants are down to 4, still producing fairly well.  I've removed several of the squash plants that weren't going to give me any more squash, so I now have enough room to begin planting some fall crops.   I've started a lot of seeds in planter pots, but would like to begin direct sowing of some plants for the fall.  I'm not sure when all those seeds will germinate, but I'm looking forward to a bumper crop all the way up to winter!

From a practical standpoint, I am looking forward to fall weather so I can go back to wearing jeans.  Wearing shorts or capris leaves my legs likely to get bruised and scratched by falls and by Rocky's claws, and long pants will give me some protection so maybe I can begin to heal.  I hope I don't fall again - I have no idea why it happens as I don't experience dizziness or disorientation - it's more like clumsiness and not picking my feet up enough.

This spring I kept the plants to a minimum of one and a half beds, but if I can get one of the guys to rototill the rest of them, I may try to plant four big beds!  I really need help getting it all started, but I've never been one to ask for help and I don't know if I can start now.

I suppose I can consider myself lucky enough to reach an advanced age, but it's not fair to have to lose my mobility, memory, and youth.


  1. Wearing a certain kind of shoes really can help prevent most falls. I wear essentially the same type all year round, and have not tripped or fallen in years. I buy shoes and boots only in stores, there I can try them on, walk a bit and test them for balance and comfort. Features I find important are :
    low sturdy heels
    sturdy lace up style
    nonslip hard rubber soles with tread
    a collar, lace and tongue design that supports ankles.
    One trip and fall too many made me decide that preventing injuries was more important than looking fashionable, attractive or cute. I enjoy not being hurt or bruised so much now, and wish the same for you. -Mary

    1. I'm definitely going to look into this. Do you have a brand you can recommend?

    2. Dexters, Skechers, Chippewas are all good. I bought the pairs I have at Walmart, Payless and sporting goods stores. A couple pair I wear a lot are steel toe boots, that helps not hurt my toes on the stony lanes near my home. I sometimes find the ones I want only in men's departments, they look about the same, just buy a smaller size number, and often those are made better, yet cost less. I hope you find some that help. I really wish you didn't need to worry about falling when you walk. _ Mary

  2. You and me both! I fell going into our local bulk foods store last night. My Man says I'm not allowed to wear Crocs anymore. Such is life eh!

  3. Your plans for your new garden sound pretty active. At least you have found something you like to do.

    I also started my blog for travel adventures and well I haven't traveled now for a few years outside of maybe 3 local camp outs.

    It's going to cool down her to about high 90's

    1. It's been wonderfully cool here the past two days. I've thought a lot about the traveling lifestyle and realize I don't really want to go anywhere outside about a 5 mile radius of my house!

  4. I, too, haven't been traveling. My big motorhome has sat unused in the driveway for two years of so.

    1. The longer it sits the more difficult it will be to drive! I don't think I could ever pull a 5th wheel again.