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Friday, September 20, 2019

Should I laugh or should I cry

Noticing a rare burst of energy this morning I decided to do a good cleaning on the bathrooms, although it just makes the dog hair fly around.  I was looking for something to clean the tub with and spied a spray can of 409 Cleaner, and thought it would do.  After I "cleaned" the tub and read the label on the can in better light I found I had used carpet cleaner to scrub the bathtub!  I guess I need someone to come in periodically and clean my bathrooms and kitchen.  I can deal with the rest of the house, although who knows what I could be doing wrong or mis-using products there.

I was able to keep Rocky mostly quiet yesterday but he's still limping.  Donald thinks it is getting a little better.  Donald plays on a men's basketball team as well as co-ed indoor soccer, and hurt his wrist a while back, which is still giving him some discomfort.  He thinks Rocky is suffering from something similar and that it will eventually stop hurting him.  It sounds likely since the vet doesn't even seem to think he is limping although I think it's very noticeable most of the time.

I don't know whether to take my chances and continue housecleaning.  I really should redo the tub!
Wishing a good weekend to everyone out there.


  1. "...continue housecleaning. I really should redo the tub!"
    Why? Soap is soap. Most of it is just a detergent diluted to different strengths.

  2. As long as the tub or shower floor isn't slipper why redo it.

  3. Ha, if it's clean, just rinse it again and say "Voila!" Just a tiny mistake - join the crowd with me. Mistakes is my game in my last days or else looking at the filth. My zip of days gone by has been fully zapped. Makes me so sad being so feeble and no help to be found.

  4. I agree with the prior comments. No need to re-do unless it is slippery.

  5. Thanks to everyone for validating my decision to just let it go - as was said, "soap is soap". I doubt very much that I would have done anything over.

  6. Take a brake. You will do a better job after you start feeling better.