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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Better weather ahead?

It looks like we will have a couple of days in the low 90's, and then head into mostly the 80's.  That suits me just fine, although it is still hot in the sun no matter what the air is like.

I walked up to school using my hiking stick when meeting Auti yesterday.  I'm not sure how it would help me if I tripped on something, so I still have to be super careful.  A very good friend of mine who has been teaching exercise classes for years, sent me some things to do to improve my balance.  I should print it out, although I might just copy it by hand.  This computer has no way to connect to my printer, so I would have to open up my old computer and do it that way.  Such a nuisance, I'll probably do it by hand.  Funny that computers are supposed to make things easier but often just cause more steps to be taken.

My daughter keeps everything on her smart phone - shopping lists, to do lists, all the information that I write on little slips of paper (and misplace half of those slips).  I can't always use my phone to even make a simple call, so keeping important info on it is out. 

Donald and the girls were here for a while yesterday after school, and one of them caught Rocky at his favorite post:

 He is still limping after a week of the meds.  The Dr. told me to keep him quiet, but when the kids come over he can't be kept quiet.

And speaking of limping, I can now walk up and down steps normally, without having to take one at a time.  If I can just remain upright until all my bruises and cuts heal, I'll be so happy!  I'm running out of band-aids so I'm hoping no more reasons to use them.

I am going to plant a row of kale and maybe one of spinach later on this afternoon when the sun is no longer overhead.  I also have planted a lot of various seeds of vegetables that I want to try to raise - carrots, yellow and red sweet peppers, and several leafy greens - into small grow pots for transplanting when they get big enough.  You may remember I planted a lot of seeds in the spring when a certain animal I won't name messed up that part of the garden.  He's never bothered with plants that are up from the soil.  At least I'm blaming it on him - it could have been a rabbit or squirrel for all I know.

I have such great plans for the garden next spring - including a trellis or two, but I'll be another year older and less able to do the things I'd like.  If I could just recover from all the falls and get back to regular visits to the gym, I think I will be ok.  Those are big "ifs"!

We are on the downhill side toward the weekend, and I hope everyone has fun plans.  Weekends are't the same for me any more and I don't make many plans!


  1. At least your temperatures are on the decline. I too can not do much on my smart phone much prefer handwritten lists. Half of the time I forget to bring the phone along.

    I do not know how people keep important information and do banking from their phones. I would be afraid they would steal the phone and drain what little I have in my account.

    Just love that picture of Rocky! Does your kitchen window face the garden? Glad your bruises are healing.

    It sounds like you are going to be a busy lady with so much planting but you will get your reward come harvest time.

    1. No, the kitchen window looks out on the driveway, and Rocky can see who is coming and going in this little court. I will keep the front door open when the weather isn't so hot and I'm not running a/c, so he can have two vantage points. I'll post a couple of photos tomorrow if I can remember.

  2. I have been without a printer for almost a year as the other one finally died. I did buy a new one but like you I couldn't get it to work with my computer and took it back. I do use my phone for shopping lists. But I will not do banking on it I just don't think that it's that safe.

    Rocky sure is a big boy. So funny that he gets up there to look out the window.

    1. It's ironic - my life is on my computer but I won't put it on my phone. Rocky is the most gorgeous animal I've ever known. He's beautiful physically, but his spirit is the source of his beauty. He loves to look out the kitchen window and acts like a nosy old lady (or gent), wanting to keep track of everything going on in his neighborhood!