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Monday, September 23, 2019

I love to plan!

You might have guessed I love to plan get-togethers and my favorite place in the whole world to hold these events is Straw Hat Pizza.  So I'm at it again, and I couldn't be more excited!

I have mentioned before that I am the oldest of 8.  The 5 after me are brothers, with two sisters bringing the total to 8.  Many of us have gravitated to California and western Nevada, while two are in states outside the area, Washington and Wisconsin.  My next-in-line sibling is my brother Bill, and he and his wife Wilma are planning to visit me for a week in November.  You all know my favorite place to get together in the Sacramento area is Straw Hat Pizza.

I'm starting to make plans for such a get together, and it has grown in the past 24 hours.  My brother Phil and his wife live in Washington state, and I've confirmed that they can make it, which will mean that all eight of us will be present if everything goes according to plan.  So this Straw Hat event is growing by the hour, and I am so excited and looking forward to it.  I'm even looking for a photographer to come and take pictures at our event.  There will be so many of us present, so I'm looking at generational pictures - the original eight, their children who can be present, and their grandchildren who can be present.

Other than that, I'm working on my garden, and managed to turn over a few spadefuls of dirt this morning.  I believe we will have about 4 hot days this week and then it looks like the weather will turn cooler, so my plan is to try to get some seeds planted in the next day or two.  I'm still waiting for some shoots to sprout up from what I planted about 10 days ago.  The waiting drives me crazy! 

Rocky is taking it easy in between finding things to chew on that he shouldn't!  He is really turning into a very good boy - most of the time.  I think one of the best things he's learned is to come when called.  So far, he responds immediately, no matter what he is doing,  although if I added a few grandchildren into the mix it might take him longer to obey, or he might just pretend he doesn't hear me.


  1. Sounds like your going to have a great gathering. That is a big family and so many fun times to be shared with all the grands included.

    I hope you seeds sprout soon. I never have any luck with seeds so I buy starter plants. Not that I buy much. My basil is doing great and I love adding it to things right off the plant.

  2. You are so right about starter plants being easier. This year was an exoeriment and next year I will probably buy mostly plants.

  3. You sound very happy and motivated as you should be it is not everyday that you can get all your family (at least the siblings) in one place. Very well worth the cost of a professional photographer.

    I have been having a craving for pizza for a while as most of the blogs I read are always enjoying some for dinner. Though I have to be good at least until my next labs :-(

    I have a brown thumb all I can grow is weeds.

    1. I'm taking on a large gathering, but it will all work out and my kids will help.