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Thursday, May 5, 2016

All Better

It may or may not last, but for the present the computer is working much better.  I deleted tons of files and folders, and since this computer was new I have never checked the "History" list.  Today I deleted the whole damn thing and I believe it was over 100,000 items.  I'm still not finished with getting rid of unneeded files and hope that my problem with the constant hanging up and having to restart is over with.

Here is a photo of the bathroom wall, which you may remember had a nasty symbol drawn on the surface under the formica.  Steve used his sharpie and made a nice flower of it, although cutting the space for a larger window has also cut into the flower.

(Click to enlarge).

I attended a concert tonight of choral groups from schools in the area, from Joshua's 4th grade up through high school.  It was outstanding!  I look at those beautiful children and wonder what kind of a world they are going to have in their future, and then listen to them sings songs of joy, courage, and hope.

I wanted to mention the delicious pizza Sandy made yesterday, with the crust being made of cauliflower, cheese, and egg.  Yes, cauliflower.  She used frozen Caul., thawed, run through the food processor, squeezed in a towel to remove the moisture, then processed again with mozzarella and 2 beaten eggs.  The mixture is pressed into a baking pan and baked on both sides - turning it is a bit tricky but she did it perfectly.  It came out nicely cooked and browned, then she  spread it with pizza sauce and lots of cheese, then baked in the oven.  It doesn't have a strong cauliflower taste as you might think it would.  I am going to try it, using my blender, and adding some artichokes and olives on the sauce before the cheese topping.  I am ecstatic about it because as you can tell, there are no carbs in the crust!  I also read in one of the recipes that you can cook the crust and cut it into rectangles or squares to be used in place of bread.  

Joshua emailed me the recipe which I think he found online.  Sandy altered it slightly, using more cheese and an extra egg.  I think she also baked it longer than called for, but as all ovens are somewhat different, your results may vary.  I'd be glad to do a post that includes the recipe if enough people are interested.  I wish I had taken a photo of it, but didn't. 

I hope this entry posts with no problems like the one I did earlier this morning.  I was really steamed when I lost all but the first few lines.  Since I deleted history, I couldn't get to the page to compose this new entry.  Instead I took the previous entry and typed over it, but I can't get rid of the comments, so please ignore the ones that don't match this post.   


  1. Time to see a computer repair man.

  2. Computers-can't live without them and hard to live with them:(

  3. Sounds like your hard drive may be full. A good computer person could sure find it. I've spent two days trying to get my latest blog to show up on the blog rolls and it still won't. Sure wish I knew someone who could fix that.

  4. Some times we clear out more history than we should. I would love to have the recipe. I saw somewhere and can't remember where(what else is new) It may have been on my Pulse Pledge. I have made a mock potatoe salad with Califlower and it is sooo good.

    1. I did clear out more than I should, but that's ok. I haven't checked it yet this morning, but I probably have more in History already than I would think.

  5. Good luck with computer. I am lost with this Windows 10 crap, last night it did an update and now I can not find those darn tiles anywhere so I am unable to read my e-mails.

    That pizza sounds delicious and the no carbs even better.

    Sherry - If it makes you feel better, I just did a post and it is not showing on any blog rolls either!

    1. Sherry and Belinda, your posts are on my computer as always. I think anything involving Google is dicey, but there really isn't a better alternative, unless you like WordPress. I think Blogger is easier to use, but I don't do anything fancy with pictures, text, etc.