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Monday, October 26, 2015

Writer's Block

That is what I have, folks.  I normally have no problem writing about anything, but I just can't decide on a topic, figure out a starting sentence, and just don't feel like trying.

I just wanted to say I'm okay - feeling great mentally and physically, and actually experience joy.  I don't know why I feel so good, and I don't know why I can't write.

By the way, I'm pretty much over the withdrawal from most carbs and sugar.  There are still some in my diet because you really can't get around it,  and I'm trying to be realistic about it.

I can't help myself!  I can't write but three paragraphs appear on my blog above.


  1. I think lots of us are having this same problem. Sometimes there just isn't anything to write about. But I guess it's good if we at least let our readers know we are still OK

  2. Now that we are back in AJ you sure won't be hearing much from me. But as long as you are feeling great - that is all that matters. Well as long as you check in with us once in awhile.

  3. What is important is that you are feeling great but most importantly that you are experiencing joy. Believe me that is something very few people can brag about...kudos to you!!!

  4. Experiencing joy is a wonderful thing to report.

  5. Feeling good is better than feeling like writing:)