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Friday, October 2, 2015

More on the Weirdness!

I contacted the DMV about my license, and they responded that they do NOT put a chip in their licenses.  So it wasn't possible for the blood pressure machine to "read" my personal information from my license.

I have written to Great Call, the company that I'm with for the Jitterbug phone, to see if it is possible that personal info could be read from my phone.  I haven't yet heard back from them, but even considering it could be the culprit I sincerely doubt it is.  For one thing, it can't be used to access the internet as you can with a smart phone.  I don't even have texting on it, so I don't see how my phone could be the source of much personal information, my email address, etc.

I'm pretty much stymied as to what my next step, if any, should be.  I've written to the Hiji Corp to ask them how it's possible that a machine could track me when I didn't enter any personal information at all, but I doubt I'll hear back from them as they don't seem to be interested in responding.   If anyone knows about an organization that helps with problems such as this, please let me know.  In the meantime I could just chalk it up to aliens, the shadow government, bigfoot, or something I haven't even thought of yet.


  1. Keep trying to find out the answer and let us know. It is something that everyone should be aware of.

  2. Sounds like face tracking to me. Face recognizing is a big thing these days and we are face tracked almost everywhere by the cameras in stores and banks and just about everywhere.

  3. Check out this link:


    It's not exactly what happened to you (unless you DID enter your e-mail address), but nice to know. I've never used one of those machines, but I'm wondering if - at the beginning - they asked you questions, one of which was your e-mail address. Maybe in a way that didn't seem intrusive. I'd go back and do it again at the same BP machine and see what happens. Lie if you answer any questions. I guess if I wanted to use one, I now know to lie about any answers. :(

  4. Can you call the company? Although I suspect their standard line is that the only way is if you put in your email address and then it becomes your word against theirs. Good idea to see if at the same machine, it happens again. I wonder if they are in league with the store and the store has your information somewhere? Happened pretty fast for that. I sure hope the face tracking thing isn't true. I may never go in another store.

  5. Trying to catch up since I now have internet service again. Holy cow, Gypsy - this is downright scary. I sure hope you get some kind of an answer. Have you thought about going back to the store and talking to the manager there? I can't even imagine how they got your info.

  6. Strange for sure really don't like this. Hope you get some answers somewhere

  7. Google "RFID chip" (Radio Frequency ID) - any haker with a $100 device can electronic pickpocket your purse at 25 feet - Every possible suspect card should be carried in an aluminum card case or wrapped in heavy duty aluminum foil - only 4 states have a chip in DL license and SD is not one of them - Google "RFID logo" and look at the pictures so you can identify it on your RFID cards - possible suspects are Costco card, Assured traveler cards, credit cards, medical cards etc - AND Google "Higi privacy policy" and you will be BLOWN AWAY ! - they sell everything they have on you ! - Aluminum case is on Amazon in pretty colors for $10 - also a bunch of new RFID chip laws and actions went into effect on Oct 1st - Good Luck !

    1. Sorry - misspell ---- Google "Hiji privacy policy" - Very upsetting !!!