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Monday, October 12, 2015

Just checking in

Life has been fairly quiet since I've been back, but I thought I'd just pop in and say "Hi".  

I finally got back to my chiropractic treatment today, and already I feel so much better.  He told me that I actually had done pretty well over the last month, and he will do a re-exam next week to determine the next stage of treatment.

I'm keeping up with the lo carb, lo sugar, hi fat diet, although sometimes I really crave dessert or at least something sweet.  I need to get some dark chocolate for when I get those cravings - dark chocolate tastes good and it can actually be very healthy.

I miss my NY family and the grandsons, but am happy to see the CA family and grandchildren.  It's a shame that my kids are separated by a continent.  I haven't returned to "normal" yet, as I'm still tired from the long day of travel plus the 3 hours time change.  So far I like going to bed earlier and getting up earlier in the morning.   I sure do miss the cooler temps in NY though, and wish CA would finally cool down.

My TV and internet are working fine.  The tech who came out to fix the problem and then came inside to push the correct buttons on the box was so nice.  I explained that I couldn't really see the labels on the boxes, and it turned out I was trying to find the power button on the wrong box!  I'm happy to have the internet, but I think TV programming has gotten worse in the month since I last watched it.  All I can say is, "What a waste of time!"   TV watching, that is.  


  1. TV is worse there are maybe 5 programs I like and the fact I have to pay $60. month for that is sickening. Everyone is talking about this new antena that gives lots of channels with out cable or satelite. Going to check it. If I do I'll pass it along

  2. I refuse to pay for TV and the stuff that's on. If we can't pick up anything with the antenna that's fine with us. Glad you decided to say hi. Always good to hear from you and find out how you're feeling.

  3. Hi, Gypsy. Yes, it is good to know how you're doing, Not good that your kids are so far apart, but it is great that you are a part of ALL their lives.
    We got rid of cable and satellite years ago. Bought an antenna through Amazon, put it on the roof where the dish was. Cost about what one month of satellite was. We get 60+ channels--- some of them have all the old shows as reruns. We have Netflix and TiVo for recording & skipping commercials. We are in the DFW area.

  4. I love my Satellite TV and Satellite Radio. They both give me lots of options and a lot of the old programs I used to love and do again. Would be very hard to give that all up.

  5. I solved the craving something sweet issue by buying dates. Eating a few when I crave sweet is just the ticket. If you like them you might try that.