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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Doing my part!

We need rain so desperately and are supposed to get a small amount this evening and again later in the week.  I just came in from washing the outside of my kitchen windows, as well as the porch railings and trim.  I'd be really surprised, with the way my luck runs, if at least some rain doesn't fall.

The pain in my hip has lessened just a little bit, although I wouldn't try to drive to the gym or even to walk around the block.  I'm back to using ice, although that didn't work the last couple of days whereas the heat pad gave me a little bit of relief.  Dr. G. said to use ice so I suppose I should try to follow the dr's recommendations.

I seem to be always hungry although I'm getting enough to eat.   I doubt if I can regain the 6# or so that I lost unless I go over the limit on carbs or sugar.  I thought about writing everything down so as to keep track of what I'm eating, the numbers, etc., but decided against it.  Keeping records of things like that makes me obsess about it, and I'm not going to do it.  Right now, I think I'd sell my body and soul for a couple of danish!


  1. Get one of these for your back. It's really helped my knees and back.

    1. That's a good price for a tens unit. I have a friend who has one and she says it really helps.

  2. Washing windows is sure to bring rain, lol Mine need it really bad adn the screens are filthy too. Next month is a go on cleaning the windows and screens

  3. Why is it that all the things I love to eat are not good for me - danish and donuts, salty rippled potato chips, milk chocolate, ice cream. The list goes on and on. I sympathize obviously. Hope the rains come. I would have been happy to send you our last 4 days.

  4. Life is sure funny-you have a hard time keeping wt on and I cannot get it off:(