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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Some questions answered

I was asked why I preferred a male dog to a female, since the male spends way too much time marking territory.   I know that's the case, but the male is probably a bit more needy?  My male lab would follow me around the house.  If I sat in the living room, he parked himself near me, if not half in my lap.  If I got up to walk to the bathroom or bedroom, it was a sure thing he would show up within a minute.  Living alone, I kind of like that.  (I'd like it even if I didn't live alone.)

My female shepherd (Lady) was much more independent as well as stubborn at times.  She found herself a comfortable place and stayed until she decided to move elsewhere - it had nothing to do with me being in proximity to her.  And did I mention stubborn?  She was a good dog, easy to be around, not demanding at all.  But when she decided to be, she was really stubborn.  I think the male wants to please to the point that he figures, "Okay, your way is the best way!"

Also, a word about the light bulbs I purchased.  They were bought at Home Depot, the brand name is CREE, and this is on the front of the pkg:  5000K daylight.  LED.  100w; replacement; uses only 18 Watts.
Brightness--1600 lumens; estimated energy cost $2.17 per year.

Do I understand all that verbage?  No, I don't.  But the bulbs are fantastic.  I'm going to hunt up the old guy at Home Depot and have him pick out a few more bulbs - I will put one in the kitchen ceiling fixture, and one in the hallway.  That's for now, and I'll do a couple at a time until I replace them all.  I won't necessarily need the high power bulbs for places like the bathroom or bedrooms, but the light coming from them seems so much more crisp and clear, and are just what I need to be able to function well.

Today I received an order I placed on Costco Online - a pair of black dress pants.  They fit great although I'd rather have the waist a bit higher.  They look and feel like a very expensive pair but were quite reasonable.

I also got a jacket - a waterproof parka which is lined in heavy fleece, and although I didn't realize it when I ordered it, there is an inner removable jacket of very lightweight puffy down-like material.  It's not down because the price was too low for that, but it will be nice on cool days to wear alone, or I can snap it inside the parka for when I go skiing at one of the Lake Tahoe runs!  I'll probably make the newspapers - "Old lady flying down the slopes with her floppy eared labrador retriever keeping up with her!"

A final word about a floppy eared lab, I found one - a 5 yr old chocolate purebred lab named Berkley.  I filled out a lengthy online application, but every time I hit Submit it came back saying I had something incorrect with my email address or phone #.  I checked it several times but it still doesn't work - I'm still waiting for the webmaster, and probably by now Berkley is skiing with someone else.  (I'll take it as a sign to just let it go and find the male black puppy I've had my heart set on.) 

Oh Lordy, is that rain I hear hitting my roof?  Just a few dribbles, but any and all will be welcome.


  1. Thanks for the info on the bulbs! I'll keep them in mind the next time I have to replace bulbs.

    There is a lot of difference in personality between types of dogs. I prefer the mind-set of hounds and spaniels.

  2. Are they the squiggle bubles?
    Some of those online app. can be a pain in the neck like you dont know your own info, while yes at times we hit a wrong key but if everything checks out why do they keep saying its wrong. I was filling out something from Adot and using the info they sent me but it didn't even have a submit or continue. I called and she kept saying I see the button. They sent me the wrong link. After a good 20 min. we finally got it take.

  3. Hi. Thanks for answering me. I was not aware that males are more "needy"! Now that I think about it--- and considering the males that I know----not necessarily talking about dogs here!---you are probably right. I would love to read that you did find a puppy! Our younger one is three years old now, but he is still playful; NEEDS our attention a lot. I mean WE have a schedule from the time we get up until he goes to bed. Lucky for us, he is ready to sleep at 7:00 every night; doesn't want to get up until after 8. Yes, it would be wonderful if you got some rain. Texas is very dry again, too.
    Can just see you flying down the slopes with your floppy-eared dog!