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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Let there be light!

I drove straight to Home Depot from the gym this morning and found a decent floor lamp that wasn't too expensive.  I decided I'd rather get a cheaper fixture and spend more on the bulbs, which I did.  I let it sit for a couple of hours thinking about maybe calling one of my handy sons/son-in-law, but reasoned "Marty you have poor vision but you're not stupid.  Assemble the damn thing yourself and don't whine about it."

That is exactly how I happen to have wonderful light by my chair.  One bulb shines toward the ceiling, and another can be directed downward to my book, computer, or whatever.  Wow, the light is really bright.

The salesman told me he was going to be 80 in November, and we had a nice chat.  He suggested that I get the bulbs that don't produce any heat, are low energy users and thus cheaper to operate, and have a long life.  I'm very pleased with the purchase, and if I can buy a better quality lamp in the future I'm hoping the bulbs will still be going strong.

Note to Nancy who commented on yesterday's post that I might try calling lab breeders in the area and see if they have anything that is lower in cost, such as a runt.  I wrote an email to a local breeder and hope I get a reply soon.  I realize I could find many dogs of all sizes, colors, breeds, and age, but I have my heart set on a black male puppy this time.  I know the personality, temperament and characteristics of the lab, and it is exactly what I'm looking for.   I'm willing to go through the puppy stage.

I always worry when I leave home for several weeks that the hummingbirds will get disgusted and find another feeder.  It took them a day or two but I've seen them back at the feeder, although not with the frequency as before.  Sacramento has hummingbirds that don't migrate south in the winter, so I'll be patient and hope they all decide to gather at Gypsy's Place!


  1. The hummingbirds are still coming to my feeder. Always enjoy seeing them.

  2. I have found that replacing all my light bulbs with day-light bulbs has really help me to see details plus helps lift my mood because they are full spectrum bulbs.

  3. There's nothing better than a good light for reading or any project so much easier on the eyes. I'm glad your happy with your purchase.

  4. Good luck Gypsy. You never know when you'll find an ethical breeder that doesn't kill their less than perfect dogs.

  5. You might go visit a few breeders. Put on your sad lonely poor pitiful me face. ;-)

  6. Hi! I am wondering why you specifically want a male puppy. I walk two Yorkies every day when the TX heat permits. Our "boy" is a whole lot more of a pain to walk than our "girl". He has to pee on every single thing perpendicular to the ground!

  7. Post what the light bulbs are that you bought. I'd like to get some. Good idea to spend more on the bulbs and less on the light I think. And congrats on doing it yourself. Now you know you can do it.