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Friday, October 9, 2015

I'm back

I finally have internet.  No TV and no internet when I arrived home on Wednesday afternoon.  AT&T tried to fix the problem over the phone, but finally sent someone out before Noon today to fix a wire that had become disconnected in a box that sits in back of the properties here.  

You might remember the problems I've had trying to determine how I got onto a BP&Weight monitoring site (Hiji).  I have sent them numerous emails, and told them my son discovered that someone in Georgia was using my email to open an account at their site.  I received this from them today:

"I believe at some point you entered your email address to create an account. It might have been at the Station, online at higi.com, or on our mobile app. I went ahead and deleted this account for you. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns."

I wrote them a blistering letter telling them they owe me an apology for such an insulting email.  They suggested that I was either a liar or senile when I kept repeating I had nothing to do with getting an account on Hiji.  To anyone reading my blog, I would suggest staying away from those machines in pharmacies.  Buy yourself a blood pressure monitor and you won't ever need to rely on a shady operation like this one seems to be.

My plane left White Plains, NY on Wednesday at 7:00 am.  The skies were beautiful, streaked with pink, and it was just before the sun was up and shining.  I had a fairly long layover in Chicago but I didn't mind since I could leisurely walk between terminals, have a beer at one of the pubs, and mostly sit and read my  book along with people-watching.

I took these photos last night when the sun was going down:  I know, same old, same old, but it's new and beautiful to me every time!

(As usual, please click on a photo to enlarge).

I think I may have mentioned that I intend to start eating a hi fat, lo carb diet, and this morning I enjoyed two slices of thick bacon and two eggs.  I was lost without some kind of bread, but looking at a bag of "Texas Toast" croutons, I discovered they are so low in carbs and sugar as to not matter, so I threw a handful of them onto my plate.  It's amazing how a breakfast without sugar products can leave you with so much energy.  (The bacon was Applewood brand, thick sliced, and organic).

There are comments I had intended to make in response to comments left on the blog, but right now my memory fails.  I did order an aluminum case to hold credit card, driver's license, medical insurance cards, etc., so they can't be scanned by others around me.  It should arrive today.


  1. Should be arriving for a two night stay in Lodi in about two weeks. What does your calendar look like?

  2. When I lived up north and was going to go hunting out in the woods covered with snow, I would eat high fat for breakfast, like beacon and sausage, etc. It helped to keep me warmer than any other type of food.

  3. Welcome home!
    Your breakfast sounds wonderful. And your sunsets are fantastic, as far as I'm concerned they never get old or boring.

  4. Love those sunset pictures. Never can have too many. Well the good news is they deleted the account. Or at least we hope they did. Idiots. I really really love my carbs. So hard for me to give them up.

  5. I'm glad you made it home safely. It's always nice to have a good flight and not be rushed between planes. And you sunset photos are gorgeous - I never get tired of taking photos of them either. :)

  6. Your breakfast would make my cholesterol levels fly high into the sky and heart attack here I'd come. Glad it doesn't work that way for you. Couldn't possibly give up bread although I do eat no oil bread.

    1. I suggest you look for a book called the Calorie Myth and there is another one called Cholesterol Clarity: What The HDL Is Wrong With My Numbers? by Jimmy Moore

      These books might help you to understand why some of us are eating bacon and eggs again. It's not wrong to avoid fats but some of the foods we eat everyday are not necessarily good for our health.

      Sorry... this touches on one of my favourite subjects and I don't mean to be a diet bore.