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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Finding my routine

I went to the gym the last two mornings which makes me feel like I'm getting back into the groove.   I really enjoyed just going down to the  basement at my son's house and using the treadmill.  If I had a basement here I think I would buy a treadmill, although I don't mind driving the few blocks to the gym, I'm more likely to put it off if I don't get there in the morning.  

I'm catching up with laundry (but I still have one basket of clothes to put away).  I had planned to drive to Home Depot after the gym but came straight home instead.  I've already spent a lot of money restocking the fridge, and I know I'll find a lot of things at Home Depot that I need.  I do have to get a new floor lamp because with my declining vision I need more and brighter light.  I also want to start replacing windows, and Steve said he would help me do it.  The windows are large and will take more than one person to handle them, although I can't say I know anything about installing windows!

I've been searching the internet all morning trying to find a black lab puppy that won't cost me $1000+.  Of course that is for a purebred, but I can't find a shelter or Animal Control in northern CA that has a black lab.  I think the rescue organizations grab them as soon as they appear, and their cost for a puppy is $400 - often lab with other breeds mixed in.  If I have to pay that much I might as well go another couple of hundred and get one from a reputable breeder.  Maybe I'm not meant to have another dog.  If I wait until my vision declines to a low point, then I'll be eligible for a free dog with training.   I need a companion dog now, but I'll just have to wait until "Mr. Right" shows up!  (That sounds weird - I gave up on finding Mr. Right years ago.  Of course a dog is easier to train than a man, and it will love you no matter what.  You men who read my blog know I'm kidding, don't you?)


  1. You know, you may be right that we men are harder to train than a dog. Maybe you better stick to dogs. . .(grin)

  2. Getting back into a routine is always good. I have been trying for a about 2 weeks I did some walking then it turned hot again. But at least I go out every morning and check around the yard and clean up after the dog. Hope you find what your look for in a dog. But remember that the $400. will include all shots and spay or nueter, plus a chip. Just saying

  3. Hi Gypsy. Have you tried going to petfinder.com. You can ask for a particular breed, age and color of dog you are looking for. They will show you dogs in your general area first. I think you can say "within 100 miles" but of course you don't have to go that far. Good luck.

  4. Here's something for you to try. Call several breeders and explain you are a single older lady and want a black lab because you've had one before but are on a retirement income. Ask if they discount runts. We got a free dobberman that way. She was small but perfect and smart as a whip. She only got to about 45-50 lbs. The breeder regularly sent the culls to the SPCA.

    My cousin has found 2-3 Yorkie's at the cemetary where her husband is burried. Apprently a breeder in the area assumes that someone visiting the cemetary will take them in after their usfullness as breeding stock is over. The last one she found was 3 lbs and it was raining at 35 degrees. Poor dog was hiding in a wreath that was laying on the ground near her husbands grave.

  5. I see stories all the time asking people to adopt black dogs because they are the last ones to be picked. I'm not too sure about some of these rescue places that pull dogs and then want so much for the adoption. They seem to get first choice before the public.

  6. Kidding, heck. My cats are easier to train and put up with than a man!