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Friday, October 16, 2015

No dog as yet.

I finally figured what was wrong with my online application yesterday - I gave my "home" email address where requested, but for work email I entered "Retired".  Once I changed it to my regular email I was able to submit the app. Less than an hour later I got an reply saying that Berkley had already been adopted!

I just now received a query from someone at Adopt-A-Pet asking if I had adopted "Will", a cute little black lab puppy.  There was a link to a page with black puppies, male and female, with different mixes of breeds but mostly lab.  They are all over the state and I don't see how I can get around to checking them out.  I wrote the lady back and explained my situation and asked if she would let me know when a dog meeting my needs came up within a decent driving distance of me.  So we will see.  If the snow falls in the Sierra anytime soon I will just be skiing alone!

RunNRose, I have found that male dogs just like human contact and want to be right next to you.  That's a pretty blanket statement I realize, but it's been my experience with my dogs as well as the dogs owned by my ex husband and kids.  Females seem to be a bit more independent, although Chili, my son's doberman, wouldn't let you stop petting her.  What a sweetheart.  But then she would eventually get off your lap and go somewhere else to lie down.  A male would just stay until you told him to go.

One thing I dislike about looking online at pets, is the fact that they put those silly scarves around their necks.  I want to see a dog who looks like a dog, and dogs rarely wear scarves (well, maybe when they are skiing, but that's a different kind of scarf).  If someone want to dress their pet in whatever, with bows and bow ties and such, that's fine with me.  But when I'm looking at a photo on a screen I want to see the essence and personality of the dog and who they are, and that extra stuff just gets in the way.  It's a "people vision" of what a dog should look like and I think it interferes with some indefinable thing I'm trying to see.  Please don't take this personally if you like to dress up your pet.  I'm referring to pets that are up for adoption.

It's a "cool 86" right now, with one more degree to go.  I should be feeling cooler than yesterday when it was in the 90's, but I just have a fan running in the living room and haven't turned the swamp cooler on.  It uses so little electricity I should just run it whenever I'm warm, but I'm always in a "saving mode".

I need to go start my supper soon because I'm getting tired all of the sudden.  When that happens I often just skip the meal, but I can't stay healthy skipping meals!


  1. Good luck on your dog search. Come on down to Virginia they are predicting lows in the 30's over the week-end. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

  2. They dress them up in the pictures for that awww factor. I always hated when I took a dog to a groomer and he came out with a scarf or worse a stinkin bow. Anyway hope your search finds something that makes you happy. It is pouring here but if it means lower temps let it rain. I think we have seen the last of the high temps now.

  3. Gypsy, I keep praying that you will find just the right Black Lab who will look up at you with those soulful eyes and something will click and you will know this is the one.I am so glad we were lucky enough to have Rigg's come into our lives,everyday he provides us with love and companionship, something money can't buy, keep on with your search, you will find him.