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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Through the car wash!

I had so much dirt and grime on my car from the trip as I hadn't had it washed since I was in New York.  You couldn't even tell the color of the vehicle because it had so much of a dusty film.  I don't like automatic car washes, but $7 is easier to choose right now than my usual $25 plus tip for the hand washing of the car, vacuuming the inside and cleaning the dash and other surfaces.  The selection at the automatics is very difficult to read, and I'm not sure why dark grey print on a light grey background is the choice of any I've seen.  I realize this is probably a problem with my eyesight and those of you with good vision wonder what I'm griping about.

I woke up this morning with a pretty bad pain in the side of my abdomen, but I just lived through it since I don't take NSAIDs or aspirin any more.  It eventually went away, and I was able to walk on the treadmill this morning.  Now I feel just great!

After all the problems I've been having with unwanted calls, I've received two from different area codes on my cell phone this morning.  I didn't answer either of them but looked them up and people have reported both to be a scam.  Why in the world should they have access to cell phones now.  I did add my cell number to the DoNotCall registry, but I have little hopes that it will have any effect.  There are so many exemptions and loopholes, and I suppose the only answer is to pay extra to have your number unlisted.  I'll try to do that if the cell phone gets many more unwanted calls.  

I washed two loads of clothes very early this morning, and when I took them over to the laundry room to dry I found two magazines in the rack - "Saturday Evening Post".  I had no idea they were still publishing.  I brought both magazines home to look at them, and will return them the next time I go back.  I was surprised to find them because someone, or probably more than 1 person, is loading up the racks with religious tracts and magazines - there used to be a little more variety but not lately. 

I went outside last night to see if I could find any early meteors (about 11 pm).  The newscaster said Midnight to 2 am should be the prime viewing time, so I was to early to see anything.  I'm always surprised at how much I can see in the skies over Sacramento, and I know like any city there is a lot of light pollution.  But I've always found I can see more stars in the sky here, than say back in Falls Church, VA.  Rural Ireland was the absolute best, and I could actually see the Milky Way, when it wasn't raining, that is.

I want to thank Moonfly for the suggestions about my ATT service.  There would be a problem telling them I didn't understand about the contract, as I had a contract last year and my renewal was the beginning of my difficulties.  I decided I didn't need the number of channels I had access to but would never in my life look at, but when I downgraded the service I didn't get the few channels I DO like to watch.  So a lot of my problems with TV are my own doing.  I don't ever watch movies, cooking, talk or game shows, sports, CSI type programs, and so on.  I like history and science (I've been watching a lot of "NASA's Unexplained Files" for the past couple of days).   I am totally sick of politics and thankfully my local news stations don't spend too much time on the circus currently going on.  I can imagine what watching CNN of Fox News for a couple of days could do to your head.  Barbara D., your methods of getting rid of unwanted callers made me laugh.  I may try one of them next time I hear from a telemarketer.

I'd really love to sit outdoors when the evenings get cool enough, but the area around my house is so dreary I don't know where I'd sit.  The back yard is rocks and the front porch is too close to the street with no privacy at all.  Last year my attempts to hang a roll up shade turned out to be laughable.   The driveway is probably the best bet except that for some reason the wind blows straight into my property, and the driveway is always covered with leaves and palm tree debris from across the street, as well as the junk that falls off my flowering tree.  To make matters worse, the drought keeps me from getting the dust off everything outdoors - I'd love to just hose down the driveway for a change. 


  1. I think you should take the hose to the driveway, put on a swim suit, and run around under the sprinkler! That would get the neighbors talking, and maybe the weed police would leave you alone.

  2. I like Judy's idea second to mine. Move back to Ireland and forget all the problems. Enjoy the rain and the Milky Way.

  3. LOL on Barbara's ideas!! I've done all those same things, except for the whistle. One additional thing I have done is to just put the receiver on a pillow so I can't hear it, walk away, and let the rep talk to himself. There is additional fun to be had if you have speaker capabilities. You can hear their frustration while getting no replies. Time is money to them, so they don't waste any time once it occurs to them that they have been "had"..

    The nonsensical "word" noises were the most fun. I had one person keep trying to ask me what language it was by suggesting this one or that one.

    Virtual hugs,


  4. My son got all the old photos he could find from my family and his dad's family and had them scanned. He "fixed" the really old ones as much as he could, then put them all on a thumb drives for everyone, so now we all have them all. It was so much fun going through the past in one sitting. On the thumb drive he had a folder for each person, so we could pick a person and see them from the oldest photo to the most recent.

    When I got mine, I opened my folder, which had photos from baby to present. I said the same thing, "I was really pretty." It's funny how we don't think so at the time. And I loved all the clothes I was wearing. I never thought I had much clothes sense, but I still love the styles I had then. And opening the folders with my kids' photos - how fun watching them from birth to present. Parties, vacations, playing with their friends, school pictures, sports. What a great gift that thumb drive was!