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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Laziness Reigns

I am doing a load of wash this morning before it gets any hotter (going up to 100+ today), and have been wanting to wash the sheets on my bed.  Just before I took them off the bed I realized that the sheets on the other side of the queen size bed are in pristine condition.  That settled it!  I will sleep on the other side and hold off on washing them this week.  I am also conserving water, and my halo is just a bit more shiny!  I hope I don't fall and hurt myself trying to get to and from the bathroom from the far side of the room and I'll need to make sure the way is clear enough to walk in my sleep.

The chiropractic visits are going well and getting a little more intense.   I've been given exercises to do at home, and with the walking I try to do at the gym, it seems like I'm always doing something.  Actually I sit a lot which isn't good for anyone!  I will be doubling up on the visits before I leave for NY and after my return.  A month is a long time to be away from it.  I can honestly say that finding and going to a good corrective chiropractor has been the best thing I've ever done for my total well being and health.  (A corrective chiro restores normal curves to the spine and aligns the vertebrae.  Spinal corrective care can be compared to orthodontic corrective care. It is a process of slowly changing the spine to a more anatomically correct position, similar to changing the position of teeth through multiple visits. Once optimal position has been accomplished, periodic maintenance adjustments are required to maintain that position, which is similar to using a retainer after an orthodontist removes braces.)  Of course, proper nutrition and elimination of medications, Rx and OTC, have me feeling like a new person.  I hope I never have to go back to a regular MD again.

At 9:30 am it's already hot.  I just hope New York is cooling off for the fall season.  I might see some changing of the leaves, but will probably return before the true autumn colors emerge.  I often get confused with NC, where spring arrives earlier and autumn comes along much later than the Northeast.


  1. Love your practicality. Just because one side of the sheets has been slept in for a while doesn't mean the other one isn't clean. I'm going to follow your lead. That's one definite way to save water.

  2. Good save on the water. Unfortunetly I sleep all over the bed. I hope you get to see some turning of leaves while in NY

  3. If you rotate your sheets you can sleep on the same side you usually do.

  4. You could turn the sheets around and still stay on the near side...LOL

  5. I agree with Rod - but then your face would be next to where your feet used to be ! Time to just buy a second set of sheets !