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Thursday, August 13, 2015

I'm One for One!

I'm one for one with Costco.  I just got my bill for membership which amounts to $110 for the coming year.  I have the Executive Gold Star membership, which gives me an annual rebate of a certain percentage of my purchases for the year.  So along with my bill for $110 I received a voucher for $120.80 which I can redeem at Costco for cash, goods, or services.  I guess that's a little above a one-for-one.  (A regular membership at Costco is $55)

I have been going through photographs, and have literally thousands of them to sort, eliminate doubles, throw away the not really good pictures, etc.  I have come up with an initial sort that I will probably refine.  Right now I'm separating the ones I'm sure are mine from those that are obviously Jeannie's.  If I'm in doubt I make an executive decision!  I will probably have some CD's made that I can give to other family members, and I will attempt to put the originals in albums or other storage medium.  Some of these old pictures are absolutely priceless, and some could be good for "hush money".   

One thing that surprises me is how young I looked when I was young!  In fact, in some of those old pictures I looked damn good!   (That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it!).  The childhood pictures of my kids are a joy to look at.  Gosh, they were (and are) gorgeous!

The weather was so nice by 6pm that I took a bin of photos outside along with a comfortable camp chair and sat on the driveway for about an hour while sorting.  I said that I didn't think I would want to sit out on the driveway, but when occupied with an interesting task you don't notice the surroundings all that much.  There was such a nice breeze.

After another gorgeous day the next two coming up are going to be in the low 100's, but then it should go back down again, if only just a little.

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