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Monday, August 24, 2015


Last night presented one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen from this house.  I took a lot of photographs, but none do it justice.  For one thing, the photos show up a lot of yellow glow but miss the gorgeous blue in the sky.

A couple of evenings ago, before sunset, I happened to look out the front door and saw a huge red ball in the sky.  I'm sure it was the sun, but I've never seen it that color or that big, so I grabbed my camera and took a couple of photos.  I was so disappointed that the sun didn't even show up on the photos.  I was telling some people about it and one suggested it might have been a UFO.  Could be, but from what I've heard you don't see the "UFO" until you look at your photo and there it is!  This would have been the other way around.

I watch the sunset every day, and have to close the vertical blinds a little so that I don't have the sun glaring in my eyes, and I'm sure the sun is in a much different location by the time it comes into my view.  This was in the same general direction, but much more to one side than it usually is.  It no doubt has something to do with the smoke in the skies, although I honestly don't smell smoke lately.  I think the winds blew it to the north, and we can breathe easy again.

I realized after I had gawked at the sun for a while and taken several pictures of it, that I had no eye protection!  Here I am with macular degeneration which is surely worsened by the sunlight, and I'm looking straight at it!


  1. That's a really beautiful sunset Gypsy. I just love sunsets and imagine that the one good thing from all that smoke would be that they and the colors would be enhanced. I have trouble forgetting not to look too. I think if I look through my camera lens I'm ok. But maybe I'm wrong. But how else could anyone take pictures of it?

  2. Don't be upset about not picking up the colors like you see then. Even my camera doesn't show the true colors. My friend was trying to talk me into buying a filter. I'm running to the store right now to pay $60. for a piece of tinted glass. Not! We have had some beautiful sunsets and sunrised lately due to the monsoons but I just haven't taken any.

  3. I think most auto exposure cameras tend to over-expose pictures of sunrise and sunset. On some of them, you can set them to make a series of 3 exposures, one over-exposed, one normal, and one underexposed. You might try to find that setting on you main menu. Or you might just set your exposure one minus from normal. And finally, try to correct your exposure using a program like Picasa. You can adjust the brightness of the picture (make it darker), and you can also boost certain colors. It is a free download, and easy to use.