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Monday, August 3, 2015

Hot water today, maybe?

I wrote yesterday about the problem with my water heater.  I couldn't figure out how to reset the pilot light, so I just made the best of it but I will have to re-run my dishwasher today.

I went to the Park office first thing to complain about the situation.  I found the notice from back in May about wanting to replace my meter, and it says on there they will re-light all pilot lights.   I spoke to the Manager who chided me for not calling the emergency number when I found I didn't have hot water.  For pete's sake, it was an damn inconvenience but not an emergency!   I also complained about the guy walking into my house and they brought him out.  He didn't flat out deny it but said that I was sitting right in my living room and he thought I needed to have the gas range pilot re-lit.  (He didn't even ask about the water heater).

I feel like a dolt even putting up with the crap I had to deal with.  The nerve of that woman turning the situation around so that it was my fault because I didn't call the emergency number.   They did send another maintenance guy to re-light the pilot, and he knocked on the front door to tell me it was lit.

This is the kind of crap you can expect when you have a mobile home park situation, an RV park, or gated community of some sort.  I never did like rules and regulations, and I still don't.  Although it leaves a lot to be desired, I love the space inside my house.  I wish I could afford to update a lot of things in it, and could probably do it if I stayed home instead of traveling every year, and didn't have the chiropractor to pay.   On the other hand, I would just like to live in an apartment and leave maintenance up to the management of the place.  There are down sides to apartment living, though, except it's a lot easier to move.

In the immortal words of Roseanne Roseannadanna (Sat. Night Live, Gilda Radner, 1st season):  "It's always something.  If it isn't one thing, then it's another."


  1. Yes, whatever happened to customer service where the customer is always right. Now it's customer no service and the customer is always wrong.

  2. You have no hot water and because of the heat we have no cold water. In fact trying to take a shower is a challenge to not get scalded. Hope you get it all worked out and working.

  3. We just moved my son's trailer out of a park where it's been for about 15 years. I can't tell you how happy I am for him to get out of there. I have never seen 2 crabbier people than the owners of this park. They have given us crap about something every year and if we complain about something too bad. One year there were some kids causing problems. I complained about them climbing on the porch roof and running into the trailer with their bikes. The owner told me to call the police. Sure I'm going to call the police, the boys would have set the trailer on fire. After 5 trailers moved out and the boys super glued a coke can to someone's car hood they were finally evicted. One of our rent checks got lost one month and we didn't know they hadn't gotten the check until we got an eviction notice. You would think that if all of a sudden you don't get a check from someone that has paid the rent for 10 years you might give them a call. My son was working out of town a lot so I would have to see about the trailer. I was always afraid if one of the trailers caught on fire the whole park would go up. The trailers were so close together you could hear the neighbors walking. I wouldn't be surprised if they come up with some reason to not give him his deposit back.

  4. It just makes my blood boil how we the people who pay for this stuff are treated so badly. There is just now customer respect anymore. Hopoe you have a nice warm shower now.

    Like Sandie said it's so hot here the cold water in almost warm enough for a shower.