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Thursday, August 20, 2015

"Down" time

I've been feeling "down" since my visit with the eye surgeon yesterday.  They took many pictures of both eyes, including several of the retinas, and it doesn't look good.  He suggested that when I am ready, I can see a retina specialist, who will take tons of tests and probably do surgery.  I said "No thanks", at least for now.  At my age the last thing I want to do is have any more surgery, especially eye surgery.  I will see the doc again in 6 months.

It looks like I will be flying to NY in September and return in October.  I'll be there about a month.   It just so happens that my youngest New York grandson's birthday falls within that time frame.   (My youngest grandson, Liam, has a birthday next week and his birthday party is this coming Saturday.  I'm hitching a ride with Donald and Jeannie as I no longer want to drive through downtown Sacramento or any city, for that matter.

I went to Costco on the way home from my chiro appointment today and I now have a gallon of ice cream in my freezer, actually a gallon minus about 5 spoonsful.  I had to test it, you know.  Now I need to go to Target for a couple of items.  I have pretty much stayed out of the stores all month, and I'm afraid I might get reckless with the amount in my checking account with only about a third of the month to go.

I think it is nice enough to sit out on the driveway and see if there is any fresh air to breathe.  We've had breezes that are blowing the smoky stuff further north - sorry for that, Judy "Birdlady" Bell.   The effects of the fires that are not only devastating so much land in CA, but also in WA and ID, will be evident for a long time.  I've heard it said that we can expect many trees to fall from being weakened by lack of water.   


  1. Sorry about your eyes. But the ice cream should help you to feel more up. Going to NY might prove to be fun.

  2. It is my greatest fear to lose my sight. Did he say what was happening? I might see the specialist just to know in detail. You don't have to do anything, but you would know. It really doesn't seem there is much to look forward to moving into the 70's and 80's.

  3. Aunt Happy had eye surgery a couple of years ago - when she was 100. Wishes she had never done it. But you are a lot younger than that so get all the information and sit on it for awhile and then make your decision. Anyhow - that's my two cents which isn't worth that much. You and Jim and your ice cream!!

  4. Ice Cream In The HOUSE! Yayyyy! I think I agree with the other commenters who said they would go to the specialist, get the information, and then take your time to decide yes or no. At least you'll have all the information. And he/she will be able to give you the facts on exactly what's going on, what the future looks like with and without the surgery, etc. I don't like not knowing what my options are, but agree with you that I'd take my time. It sounds like you're doing okay now as you are. :)