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Friday, August 14, 2015

Quitting time for today

I was sitting in my comfortable office chair sorting photos & misc., and when I swiveled in the chair I somehow knocked over a nearly full can of beer I had just opened.  Fortunately for me the beer didn't get on any of the pictures - that would spell disaster!  It was all over the floor though but I think I got it all with a big bath towel.

There are a lot of duplicate photos but they aren't together, so I look at a picture and know I've seen it in a different bin.  When everything is gone through, then Jeannie and I can look for duplicates.    I've thrown a lot of my pictures away - anything that I can't tell who is on it or where it was taken, pictures where the flash leaves a big orange blob, and many photos that weren't taken with a flash and are so dark as to be unuseable.     I hope I can convince Jeannie to do the same.  There are also lots of cards and letters she has saved.  I faced the same dilemma and went through each one I had been saving and discarded most.  I did save a couple of sweet letters from my kids though.

I have only one beer left, a craft beer called "Golden Naked Ale", but I think I'll wait until the sun goes down to open it.  I'll pour it into a glass (and get about 2 glasses from the bottle), so at least I won't lose the entire thing by being such a klutz. 


  1. HA! I'll bet David would love to be around your house with a nice odor of beer. I call him a craft beer snob. He says it's good taste. I sure don't think the stuff tastes good but you two would enjoy yourselves together. I'll go have a blackberry milkshake while you do.

  2. I know why you're waiting til sundown to have Golden Naked Ale! ;)

  3. I also need to go through pictures, my daughter is coming tomorrow so we can go through them.

    I never could aquire a taste for beer so I'm with Sherry on the milkshake

  4. No beer for me - but a nice Moscato topped with sparkling peach water is very refreshing on a hot afternoon !