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Friday, August 21, 2015

I'm glad it's Friday

I try to do as little as I have to on weekends so I hit the gym and Target this morning. Now I'm ready to relax for a couple of days, and am looking forward to Liam's birthday party tomorrow.  I finally got the present wrapped and the card signed.  I try to print so the kids can read it but I normally print in capital letters and have to concentrate when writing in lower case.  When Liam opens the book I gave him last birthday, he always turns first to the little note I wrote in the front of the book.  He knows it by heart, and always starts by reading it out loud.  Sure pulls at my heart strings.

I wanted to clarify that my eye surgeon didn't recommend that I see the retina specialist yet, but he offered me the opportunity to do so if I wanted to.  He said that if I decide I want to between now and my next appointment, I should just call the office.  So I don't feel bad not going to the specialist at this time (and maybe never).  I can remember my mother-in-law had surgery for a detached retina which was not successful.  I know times and surgical procedures have changed since then, but I doubt I will ever follow through on this. 

I thought I was going to be feeling really down for a while, but watching how Jimmy Carter is approaching his medical issues with such grace, I feel like I can do the same with my much less serious issues.  He is an inspiration to me.

So I'm feeling great, just ate a delicious supper which I topped off with some ice cream!  It was the second serving of ice cream today.


  1. I also have a birthday party tomorrow but not sure I will make it and I was suposed to buy his gift today and didn't do that.

    I am just eating supper I didn't realize how late it was.

  2. Good luck with your eyes. Hopefully no operation will be necessary. If I was there I would help you with that ice cream!

  3. Two servings of ice cream would make any day a good one for me. I too just hang around on week-ends. The warriors are just too intense for me these days. I remember being one and think not having to do that any more and the National Park passes for seniors are the only two good things about getting older.