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Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Wasted Trip

I had plans to go to Costco early this morning before the crowds arrive, and pulled into the parking lot at about 10:30.  I reached in my purse for my wallet so I could get my membership card out to show at the entrance.  No wallet!  Well, that was that.  Not only could I not get into Costco, shop and pay, get gas, etc., I also was driving without my license.  When things like this happen to me I take it as a message from the Universe that I shouldn't try to shop at Costco today, and just came back home.

I've ordered a couple of books to read on the plane to and from NY, with one of them being shipped to my son's address just in case it might not arrive here in time.  Ironically the book has already shipped to NY, while I haven't heard anything yet on the one I'm expecting to be delivered here.  I still have a week for it to arrive.  I wish I knew what to expect weather-wise for NY in September and early October.  I can go by previous years and/or forecasts for this year, but I don't think the forecasters know any more than I do.  It's probably a crap shoot!

Speaking of weather, Sacramento is finally looking pretty good for a change, with the coming week in the high 80's and maybe into the low 90's.  I am truly sick of the heat, but know it's not over.

I note that an old sports hero of mine, Johnny Bench (catcher for the Cincinnati Reds) is now making commercials.  I would never have recognized that gorgeous sex symbol of the 1960's as the guy doing the commercial.  I just shake my head and realize if anyone remembers what I looked like in the 60's they wouldn't recognize me now.  No one is lining up to pay me to make commercials!

The moon has shone in on my bed in the exact spot I've been sleeping in (to avoid washing the sheets last week).  It has been a spectacular sight as well as comforting to be in the moonbeam.  I think last night was the actual full moon, and it seemed to be a little larger than usual.

Speaking of changing sides on my bed, it is working out quite well and I'm glad I did it.  The mattress will have a chance to recover from my weight on the same spot night after night, and the new side feels like a new mattress.  I've always turned the mattress at least a couple times a year but the last time I had a very difficult time maneuvering it by myself.  So instead of moving the mattress around, I'll just move Gypsy around.


  1. Glad to hear your heat is dropping at least a little. I just love the idea of sleeping in moonbeams. Wish I could. Yesterday was indeed the full moon.

  2. Forgetting the wallet may have been a blessing. I went shopping this morning at a time the store is never crowded but it sure was this morning. But had no choice but to shop.
    It's amazing how good the unslept on side of the feels.

  3. Glad to hear I am not the only one who leaves stuff behind:)