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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sun's out! (Updated)

There was a misty rain when I went out earlier to pick up half & half for my coffee.  I looked for a few other items at the A&P, and since I'm not familiar with the store layout I went up and down several aisles.  One thing I noticed that is much different than where I shop in California is that most people do not make eye contact.  No smiles or a friendly greeting.  I did move my cart a bit to let an older woman get past, and she said "Thank You".  That was really the only friendly person in the store, although folks aren't unfriendly, just preoccupied and not outgoing around strangers.

UPDATE:  I just found the A&P receipt in my purse and took a look at it.  The checker gave me a $2.00 Senior Discount, which I was unaware of and which I think is darned friendly!

I noticed when I went outside to get in my car, I just hated the idea of driving anywhere.  I don't mind riding if someone else is driving, as in the case of Sunday's trip to West Point, but I have no desire to focus on the road.  I hope this is a temporary thing because I have places to go to and things to see, and it's a long way back to CA as well.

Judy asked about the number of pieces in the Las Vegas puzzle - that one and several others are 750 pieces, and there is one I'm thinking of opening up that is 1000.  750 is a good number.

And Run'n Rose mentioned an app for jigsaw puzzles on the iPad.  I can't imagine doing a jigsaw on any computer-type device.  I've tried crossword puzzles and they are horrible!  Remember, I am getting old and stuck in my ways, lol.


  1. Maybe you are still tired from the long drive, give it time.

    I try at least to smile at people even though they might be strangers. I go out of my way to greet tourists as I want them to have a favorable impression of our little town and hopefully return.

    I could not believe Run'n Rose comment yesterday. What is the world coming to when you have an app for a jigsaw puzzle? I am not a tech savvy person so it really took me by surprise though now days there is an app for almost everything :)

  2. Hey! Not only does the Ipad have a jigsaw puzzle app, it lets me choose how many pieces I want, five choices from 42 to 550. Given the relatively small size of an Ipad, 550 is a lot. I usually go with the 288 pieces. Get to choose backgrounds, even can choose to have only the edge pieces shown first.
    Just put my finger on a piece & slide it into place. Literally thousands of puzzles available. Even music options to listen to while I work the puzzle. I choose quiet, though. For about four months, I accepted the free puzzle every day. The fun of that was that you didn't know what the puzzle looked like until you got it worked. I don't do so many any more. Switched my addiction to a word game. Finding all the words possible from a given set of letters. I wish I would get tired of that game!!
    Anyway, Gypsy, I'm glad the sun came out for you. And that you got a day brightener when you looked at that receipt!

    1. It is amazing that you can even chose how many pieces you want....talk about technology!

  3. Maybe your still tired from the drive and the crumby weather you had going. You really didn't get to do much of what you planned so I think when it's time to go home you will enjoy it better.