Eastern Utah
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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Just a normal day

I drove out to get milk and a couple of other items I forgot yesterday, and decided to take some pictures of the creek - it runs behind the houses across the road, but I got the photo from the small bridge on the way out to the main road.  I wish I had taken these a week or so ago as it was much higher.  Click to enlarge.

Looking upstream:

Water under the bridge:

On the way downstream:

A few years ago I saw a blue heron wading in this creek and I didn't have my camera handy.  I've always regretted not getting the picture.

While I'm showing photos, here is the finished "Coca Cola puzzle".  We are now working on a very difficult puzzle which just shows a collection of Ukranian easter eggs.  They are beautiful but the puzzle is difficult at first.  I'm going to work some more on it after my treadmill walk and then lunch.

I went to Rite Aid yesterday to get a new watch battery, figuring I'm a fairly intelligent woman and should be able to change batteries.  I couldn't get the back of the watch off, and the woman at Rite Aid spent about 15 minutes with different tools trying to pry it up.  No luck, and I brought it back home - my son couldn't find a tool that would remove the back.  I will have to go to Sears and hope they can do it, but I'm not driving that far in traffic just for a watch battery, unless I have another reason to go in that direction.  So I'm doing without my watch for a while.  Life was easier when a watch stopped because you forgot to wind it!

I just made a protein shake and think I broke the blender.  I added some frozen berries and probably should have let them thaw a bit first. 


  1. What a pain about the watch battery. I don't know if you have an expensive or special watch, but I just bought a really pretty new watch at Wal-mart for $12. There were others that were cheaper. Unless you love your watch, just buy another. Or get another cheap one for now, and wear it until you can fix the old one. Then you'll have a back-up. :)

  2. I'm with Barbara on the watch. That's why I have about 6 of them now. I have one I really like but can't get the back off either.

    Love the Coca Cola puzzel. Now the Easter egg one sounds like a really hard one.

    Love the pictures of the stream.

  3. I love the pictures of the creek. It looks nice and peaceful.