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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I took a little drive this morning to explore the area over by the Connecticut line.  The road was hilly and very winding.  At one point I had to brake very hard because I didn't realize how sharp the curve was.  When I was through it I said (out loud), "gee, why in the hell don't they mark that - it's dangerous".  About that time I came to another giant curve and said "They did mark it, read the signs, Marty".  I had to laugh at myself - I used to talk to Lady about these sorts of things but now I just have to talk to myself!

It is difficult to keep my eye on the road - I like to look at the houses, yards, farms, etc. along the way, and try to imagine living there.

I didn't stop to take any pictures as the trees are still bare, with the exception of willows.  I was busy looking at the woods and the mountains - not really high mountains as you would find further west, but mountains all the same and very beautiful in profile.

I'm going to work on the next puzzle for a little while - a 1000 piece puzzle of a collage of Coca Cola ads.   I haven't had a Coke in over 40 years, but I bet the ads get to a lot of folks and makes them want a Coca Cola.


  1. Glad you are enjoying the scenery. As far as Coke goes, I haven't had any since they went the new recipe. I have found that Mexican Coca Cola uses real sugar and tastes like I remember. Sometime I find it at Krogers or the flea market.

  2. Glad you didn't run off the road looking around. You may not be looking at the tallest mountains in the country but I'll bet they are the oldest.

  3. I wish they would have pull off on these roads so you can take pictures. I find that so many places. Maybe they just can't afford them or there isn't enough room. Be careful on those winding roads and enjoy

  4. I like looking at the scenery , as well, but since I seem to be the designated driver-I miss a lot of the good stuff:(