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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Overnighting in Colorado

I'm in Colorado this evening after spending a wonderful day in and around Dinosaur National Monument.

I entered the Park address (which is not the same as the Visitors' Center) into my GPS, and it had me turning on a very dusty red gravel road.  I didn't even mind because the scenery was so beautiful.  (Click photos to enlarge.)

I finally made it to the V.C., bought my postcards, souvenirs, got information, etc., and then headed up to the Quarry Wall.  I took a lot of photos and most are self explanatory.  My grandson, Liam, is sure to recognize all the dinos and bones.

The next photos were taken at the Quarry Wall, and I apologize for having so many.  (The 1st one is a view from the front of the bldg.)

Ok, I know this is more than enough pictures for one day.  I have a few more that I'll include tomorrow, of the Quarry bldg., plus my trail walk and a couple from Colorado.  So far the scenery hasn't been spectacular in Colorado (I've only been on I-40), but I will include a couple of photos where I tried to get the beautiful deep rosy red rock, but they didn't quite turn out as striking as I had hoped.

I have no idea where I'm going tomorrow except that I'm heading up Wyoming way.  I've been seeing roadside adverts all afternoon for Stetson hats; I think I'd like a cowgirl's stetson, cowgirl boots, and - say it with me Ms. Belinda - a tall, rugged weathered cowboy!

(Ms. Belinda's blog is "Terlingua Dreams.)


  1. I'm happy to see they were able to repair the building so folks can view the wall of bones. When I was there in '08, the building had been condemned, and no one could go inside. Visitors were not happy to say the least.

    If you find two tall, rugged weathered cowboys, send one my way! ;)

    1. Sorry Judith but that second cowboy is for me! :D

  2. The picture that always made me wonder is the one with the dinosaur's foot print over the human one. From all that I have been taught, it should have been the other way around.

  3. Well you wanted to see this and now you have and now I want to go there too. Incredible a must see.

  4. I've never been to Dinosaur so I'm really happy to see all your pictures. Never too many. So glad you are having a good trip. DO DO DO get the hat and boots but make sure you can send the cowboy back if he turns out to be like most of them. :-)

  5. Thank you for the pictures, and no you can not post too many photos.

    I have never been there before and it certainly looks interesting and worthy of a visit.

    Here I was reading along and all of the sudden I see my name...lol, you made my night! I already set Judith straight...if you come upon two cowboys, one of them is mine! I have been waiting a long time for my TWC (tall weathered cowboy).

  6. Nice to see your trip is going so well & you are enjoying yourself. It's always great to be traveling when everything is working out in one's favor. May your journey continue happily.

  7. Try the Motel 6 in Wall SD, only a few miles from BNP, no interior corridors, and probably the lowest priced place in town. That's where I've always stayed if I didn't camp in the Badlands. They show a couple rooms available on http://book.southdakotahotels.org
    And the Cactus Cafe and Bar downtown Wall has decent food at decent prices.

  8. I was hoping to go to Dinosaur NM last year but never made it there. Sounds like things are going well.