Eastern Utah
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Friday, April 10, 2015


I arrived at my destination at about 1 pm today.  The last 100 or so miles were pretty hectic, a lot of road work, much traffic, etc.  But I made it.

I've not changed my mind about enjoying the country roads and not liking the interstates, but there are just some times when you can't avoid them.  I felt this was one trip where I needed to be on the interstate and I'm glad I traveled this way - of course, I hope to not have to repeat it on the way back.

One thing I've definitely changed my mind about are the trucks on the road.  Gripe as we all do about truck traffic, they are probably the safest, most considerate drivers out there.  Aside from a few who pull up so close before passing you it seems they will hit the back of your car, most are excellent drivers, much better than a lot of folks driving cars and SUV's at ridiculous speeds.

When you think about it they keep the economy and commerce of the entire country going.  They move merchandise, produce, equipment, etc., to the far reaches of the United States.  I've discovered I can travel very well alongside them, and it's a fact that the interstate system makes it possible for us to live the lives we want with all the necessary things we need and want, moved by the trucking industry.

That said, I will try to avoid interstate travel as much in the future as I can, but the trucks will be on all the minor roads as well, and I'll do my best to live with it. 

I'm tired and have a lot of things to put away so this will be the extent of today's post.  I have a couple of questions I will answer tomorrow, one being how I select motels on a trip.


  1. Always good to complete a trip safely. Now, relax and enjoy!!

  2. Glad to see you arrived safely. I wish our goods and services were still on the rails and off the roads. Passengers too for that matter! HA!

  3. So ends the first part of your trip, get rested up for all the adventures with your family have a great time.

  4. Glad you are there and ready to relax. Have more fun than you can handle.

  5. Glad you arrived safe and sound.