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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sidney,, NE

I left Craig, CO at 8am Mtn time; 
arrived Sidney NE at 3:30 pm Central

I've screwed up the mileage figures so I can't tell how many miles I traveled today.  Damn Toyota has a grey background with (non-bright) white numbers on their dash.  I can read them a little better with the headlights on, but can't read a damn thing without the lights on.  So I left out one digit the last two times I read my total mileage, and I have nothing to subtract from.  When I get fuel tomorrow I might be able to add up all those smaller mileages.  I don't really care by now.  I have 3 odometers, and I leave the middle one just keep adding the miles to the end of the trip, so I'll eventually know.

I spent hours last night searching for a room near Badlands N.P., but everything online was showing no vacancy.  I might call a couple places tomorrow and see in they have an available room

There isn't much in Sydney, NE at this time of year, and I had to get a room at America's Best Value Inn - very nice but with those damn interior corridors.  I love the courtyard style motels where you can park right in front of your room - I run in and out with stuff all evening, and again in the morning.

The scenery was ok today but nothing that made me want to stop and take a picture.  I had a few deer run across the road in front of me early this morning, and that kept me pretty alert!

Here are some of the remaining photos from Dinosaur N.P.  Some are pretty much alike at first glance, but I'm including them for my grandson, Liam.  (Click to enlarge)

 The picture above is incredible to see - the vertebrae of the dino and the discs!

After the dino bones are photos I took along my Trail of Fossils hike.

The next two are taken just inside Colorado - as I mentioned yesterday I wanted to capture the magnificent red color, but the distance and the sunlight prevented it from turning out like I wanted it to.

No photos taken today.  If I do get to the Badlands tomorrow I hope I can get some good photos.  But I need to find a room first.


  1. Boy you are zipping right along. I'm pretty sure most hotels don't put all their inventory on line so I'll bet you can find something if you call or drop in.

  2. Those dinosaur bones and fossils really interest me. Love the red hills. I think I have seen them in some cowboy movies.

  3. Wall, SD on I-90 is the gateway to Badlands - per Mapquest Sidney, NE to Wall, SD is only 282 miles - If you use the search engine KAYAK.COM you will find several nice motels in Wall, SD of which ALL have vacancies and ALL are very reasonable - Good Luck and travel safe !! PS - Most people also enjoy Wall Drug - just google it and read their story and look at some photos - they have coffee for 5 cents and a million dollars of original western art - It is very unique and fun.

  4. Hope you were able to find something, I imagine it's took cold around there for camping even in the car. Pictures are just so fantastic and the red gives you the idea of how red they must be.

  5. Sure hope you check the weather forecast for that area - temps in 40's and 50's - freezing at night - rain, wind, snow - ALL are in the forecast - driving those little state routes in the middle of nowhere - Not a fun trip this time of year, but you seem pretty determined so whatever you decide please Travel Safe !

  6. After a lifetime it just hit me and I googled it to confirm. Colorado in Spanish means colored red and it was named after the color of the soil. The Colorado river also bears the name for the same reason.

    The colors are impressive...now you make me want to go see it!

    Safe travels.