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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


A few times today I wasn't sure I'd make it.  First of all, until I reached Youngstown, Ohio (eastern side of the state) there was fog and  light precipitation all day.  The foggy haze wasn't bad enough so that you couldn't see the road and much of the traffic, but it was bad nonetheless.  I can't describe the depressed feelings and lack of stimulation from driving all day in fog.

I fueled up and left Joliet, IL at 6am this morning.  The GPS has this thing about avoiding toll roads and guided me off the interstate I was on, into what looked like I was going towards downtown Chicago.  I got off the road and put the directions back in the GPS to get me on the road I needed to be on.  It informs me every time that there will be tolls and asks if I want a non-toll route, to which I always respond "No".   I bought an I-Pass in Illinois a few years back for trips that take me over the toll roads and turnpikes, and I had checked to make sure I was funded for this trip.

Even at an early hour there was heavy traffic but I finally got around it all and onto the Indiana Tpke., and then the Ohio Tpke.  Traffic was fairly heavy most of the way, and between the traffic and the fog I'm totally exhausted.  I am at a motel now and think I'm so tired I made a fool out of myself trying to find my room!  Of course one motel employee after another noticed and tried to help me out.

This is definitely not the sort of driving I like, but with the weather reports such as they were I felt I had no choice.  There wasn't even a question of stopping at any sites along this route because not much would be visible anyway.

While I didn't ever reach the speed limits I drove way faster than I usually do, and I watched my gas gauge fall dramatically.  I reasoned that the extra I spend in gas won't equal  a  motel room for an additional night!

I think there is a Denny's nearby, and I plan to walk over there soon and have supper.  

After doing so much treadmill and other walking, and exercising at the gym, I feel really terrible and my legs hurt.  I brought along two sets of 2# hand weights (8# total) and brought them into the motel room yesterday to at least exercise my arms.  I think I'll do that again this evening.

I am definitely hoping to stay in bed a little later tomorrow morning, and take my time getting started.  It won't be easy as I have been waking up and starting out really early, and then going to bed very early each evening.  Will I ever get back to a normal schedule?


  1. You need to get a T-Shirt now that says, 'I Survived Chicago's Traffic Madness'. Fog really wears a driver down fast. Put a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on your door & sleep till noon:))

  2. Sorry the trip isn't going as planned, the weather has been fighting you almost all the way. I hope after a good nights rest you have a much better driving day and much better weather.

  3. I really dislike driving anywhere near Chicago.

  4. Its a good thing you made it through IL on Wed as there were tornadoes in Northern IL on Thursday. I hate traveling in foggy weather.

  5. I admire that as tired as you are from all the driving you still find time for exercise.