Eastern Utah
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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Out Again Today

I headed out this morning to find Eastern Mtn. Sports (EMS) to look at camping gear and maps.  I drove through a couple of parking lots before I found the store, and then had a really difficult time getting out.  I think shopping in Sacramento is a little easier and the parking lots are easy in-easy out.

I looked at Target to see if I could find a new (to me) flavor of Clif Bars.  I hadn't seen it in CA - Oatmeal-Raisin-Walnut.  I like them after exercising when I don't drink a protein shake.

Drivers here seem to be a little more polite than Californians.  When someone has a signal on to switch lanes I will hold back and give them room to merge, but they seem to hesitate for too long.

It is back to cold and windy today.  It's about 51 right now, but the wind is blowing and it seems a lot colder.  There is forsythia blooming in profusion everywhere around here, so I know it's spring!


  1. I see those Clif Bars in Wal-Mart, but have never tried them.

  2. I bought those Clif Bars in the oatmeal-raisin- walnut today at Walmart for after exercise class too. also bought coconut chocolate chip they had the least calories. Crazy weather everywhere

  3. I have seen those Clif Bars in various places but never thought to try them. Maybe I should but one & give it a whirl.

  4. What I would give to be in 51 degree weather...we had 89 degrees today :(