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Thursday, April 9, 2015


I woke up at 8am this morning, which is really late for me while traveling.  I needed the sleep though.

Yesterday evening I decided to drive to the Denny's and sure was glad I did.  I normally hate to eat in any restaurant - you just don't know what kinds of toxic compounds are in the soil your food is grown in, whether growth hormones are used to fatten up the cow or the chicken, etc.  But I was really hungry, so I went to Denny's and was glad I did.  First of all, it was a friendly place, and not crowded at all since I was a little early for the dinner rush.  I enjoyed the friendliness around me between the wait staff and the patrons, and they included me in their "family atmosphere".  I decided on the senior meal of country fried steak with gravy and two sides.  The steak nearly covered 2/3 of my plate, and the veggy sides took the rest of it.  Absolutely delicious and everything was cooked just the way I like it.

This morning I left the motel at about 8:45 and got back on the interstate.  I hadn't driven far when I noticed that it wasn't raining and the sun was really trying hard to come out from those clouds.  Decided to see a little of Pennsylania's back roads, and see those roads I did!  All the roads in the eastern half of the country show signs of a brutal winter, and the road crews are just starting to come out and work on them.  I noted that US 6 had the little dots indicating scenic roadway, so I left I-80 and made my way up to US6.  PA is a beautiful state, mostly forested I think.  The trees were not in leaf yet and the only green were the pines here and there.  After a few hours of winding twisty roads I am in the process of making my way back to I-80 again, but stopped for the night on the way.

There was fog at the higher elevations and I almost got worried about the last bit I drove through.  I'm glad to be finished driving for the day, and look for my long trip to be over for a while starting tomorrow afternoon.

Too bad it's chilly outside, because my motel room has a nice private porch on the back side, with a view of the hills in the background.

 (Click on a photo to enlarge it.)

I have lucked out in finding the sort of motel I prefer all along the entire way of my travels so far.  This is so much better than the Holiday Inn Express, and all thos multi-story buildings that look like they are from the Soviet Era.  This has charm and all the amenities of a big chain motel.  Today is also probably the best internet I've had so far.

I'm not going out for dinner this evening - I'm scrounging some of my camping food!

So I will be back on I-80 tomorrow for the last leg of my journey, having to drive through the dreaded Wilkes Barre-Scranton "safety zone".  As I said, Pennsylvania is a beautiful state, but you need to get off the interstate for a while and see it.

I love the small little towns, many of them built on the sides of steep hills, and some of the larger "little towns" looking just like the place you'd like to watch the 4th of July parade from!


  1. I spent the first half of my life in western PA and went to college at Penn State. Yep, I am a Texas Pennsylvanian or a Pennsylvania Texan. Not sure which it is. Of course I lived awhile in Michigan and North Carolina. I am not sure if I told you all that before. If so, just call me senile. . .

  2. Pennsylvania is a beautiful state as long as you aren't on their turnpike. Glad you have had such a good day and will arrive tomorrow. You've made great time going all the way across the country.

  3. You're making good time across the country. Glad you took some time off of the interstate to cruise around. Put on a coat and enjoy that porch! (Oops. Just realized you're probably already in bed in the far east. :))

  4. Gypsy, just wondering how you are locatiing these nice motels you are staying at.I will be traveling cross country the end of july and think it may be to hot to camp. I haven't stayed in a motel in a long time. How are the prices?

  5. PA is a very beautiful state. Some Denny's are really nice and some are really awful so you were lucky to find such a nice one. I have never found a motel with a porch to sit out on what a lovely view.

  6. Glad to finally have some internet (at the library) and to hear you are safely in PA. Wondered where you were with all the storms going on. We loved PA when we were there in the Fall. It really is gorgeous. Be safe.

  7. So glad you were finally able to go the back roads and enjoy traveling without all the traffic. Your motel room porch looks so inviting and peaceful.