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Saturday, April 11, 2015

"Day After" Exhaustion

I'm feeling the effects of all the driving, so Sandy, the boys and I went for a long walk on the rails-to-trails walkway this afternoon.  I was very cold at first - beautiful sunny skies, but cold and windy.  I soon warmed up after a bit of walking.

Now I think I just want to nap for a while!   

As far as my luck in finding the kind of motel I like to stay in on the road, the kind where you can park right in front of your room, all I can say is that attitude and frame of mind help.  I really want to find a suitable motel and I know I will, and if I don't then I will go with the flow and take what I can find.  It's not scientific but it works for me.

It helps when driving on the secondary and country roads as you will be driving past motels, cabins, etc.  A good look at the property can tell a lot - is it kept in good condition, painted, clean, etc.?  I just get a feeling for what I want, and I'm always grateful when I walk into that room and find exactly what I need.  When I get off an interstate to stop for the night, I might choose what looks like a locally-owned motel/inn rather than a big chain.  Often an older Motel 6 or Days Inn can be found that isn't a big concrete block with interior corridors, and I don't mind those.  Almost all have a fridge, microwave, coffee makers, big TV, free wifi, etc.  This trip was in the off-season of course, and the prices ran from $50-$60 per night, but they are higher in the summer months.  That's why I like to alternate between the senior rate at a National Forest or National Park campground and a $60-70 motel (some can be higher still).

I still haven't totaled up the costs associated with this travel.  I always start out with meticulous recording of expenses, mileages, etc., and after about 4 days I'm making notations on scraps of paper which I often lose anyway.  Whatever it costs I have to come up with the money since I've decided to travel, so I don't lose sleep over it.

I took one photo in the last few days of the trip, while I was waiting at a railroad crossing in the rain near Tobyhanna Army Depot (PA).  There was a cute little train station, but the picture is rather dark since the skies were cloudy with rain.

I'm sure they don't have passenger service anymore, so maybe it is or will be a museum.  Click on the photo to enlarge it.


  1. Perfect weather for checking into the Bates Motel (grin).

  2. Have a good rest and then enjoy your stay.

  3. Such a shame that there isn't passenger service going out of all these sweet little stations. Glad you got out for a walk. A good rest and you'll be ready for the good time. I'm always tired the first day of a multi day drive. I try not to do those any more but sometimes, like now, they have to be done.

  4. The walk must have felt good to stretch out legs after all that driving and a nap would put you to rights for the rest of the day. Love the little train station

  5. Thanks for the info on finding a motel room. I will be traveling west from Florida the end of July in my van which is set up for camping. Some nights it is just too hot in the campgrounds even with hookups so I will need motels. I travel with a dog so that makes it even harder to get a deceint motel room.

  6. It always take awhile to wind down from a trip.

  7. That was a long drive and it is understandable that you would feel exhausted. Rest up and then have a wonderful time with your family :)