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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Will they EVER make up their minds

When I left off yesterday I was scheduled June 10 for the ERCP procedure,"Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography is a procedure that combines upper gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopy and x rays to treat problems of the bile and pancreatic ducts. "

I was called to tell me the surgery couldn't be performed at 3 pm on Monday, but that they were looking to schedule a doctor and an anesthesiologist at some future time.  I keep telling them I won't be able to keep any appointments during the months I'm traveling, but I don't think they listen to anything I say.  So they are still looking and I'm going on with my life.

Jeannie brought Autie and Arianna over this morning for me to watch, and Donald's mother picked them up and took them to her house this afternoon.  Jeanne is working from home and caring for Donald, who seems to be doing well after the knee surgery.  Now it is 1:15 and I haven't showered yet and am still wearing my pajamas.

Yesterday was great except when on the phone with medical people.  I got out a lot of maps and in a state that was half dreaming and half awake, I built myself the most wondrous route from CA to NY!  I have no doubt it will need to be toned down a bit because I don't have the money to really do it as I'd like, but I'm going to enjoy it.  At least I hope to enjoy it, being as how I haven't traveled without a dog in a lot of years.

Speaking of dog, I finally got rid of Lady's big dog bed this week.  I was ready to let it go whereas I just couldn't think about it before.   I still have the food and water bowls, as well as a stand that they sit in.  A big dog is a lot more comfortable when they don't have to lean over so far to reach their food, and if I ever get another dog, which I probably won't, it will be a BIG dog!

Back to trips, the jury is still out on whether I'll attempt to go through the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.  The end of August will probably be like a zoo as far as the crowds, and bumper to bumper traffic.  I could possibly try it on the way back, but wonder about the weather in October.  Readers' experiences and comments on this will be appreciated.

Half the fun of all this is knowing I will change the route numerous times in the next couple of months, and continue to modify and adapt as I'm traveling.  To me that represents total freedom - the freedom to do exactly what I want to do (held in check by my wallet and credit card balance, of course).

Enough of this - time to go get dressed because if I wait any longer then it won't be worth it to bother!     


  1. My guess is that you're likely to encounter snow in October, but that can be beautiful as well, and you won't be pulling a rig.

    There are many times that I wish I wasn't traveling with a dog. No reason not to enjoy yourself.

  2. End of August, the kids are back in school in MOST states. It's a great time to travel that area. You should be just fine, and if you need a motel, there's no dog to worry about stopping anywhere.

    Go, have fun! Expenses can be caught up later.

  3. Planning is fun. I have never been through Yellowstone, yet. So I don't know what kind of weather you will encounter.

  4. Dang! Just don't be surprised if they call you in a few days. This may all work out ok soon.

  5. I know you've read my trip through there. Waiting until after Labor Day would be better than summertime.

    October would be gorgeous but cold. If you stay in the lodges ... expensive but wow what a treat that would be. all cozied up to a big ol fireplace looking at all that beautifulness... ahhh

  6. oh, and good for you about going on with your life... maybe your bad health took a powder. How you feeling? still hurting? you sound great.

  7. October can be one of the best months to visit Yellowstone. Not sure about Teton. And it definitely is easier to travel without a pet. Sure do love them but they are really restrictive. I always have way more planned than we can possibly see or do in an area but that's the fun of planning.

  8. A couple of years ago we stayed in West Yellowstone first week of Sept and a couple of times the north and east entrances closed for a few hours due to snow on the roads, but over all weather was not a issue.

  9. I think planning the trip and replanning and then again is as much fun as eventually taking the trip. I am just disgusted with your medical folks.

  10. I've always loved that great feeling one gets when the maps come out & one gets into some serious route planning. Also love the freedom of route changes on the fly. I think the idea of leaving right after Labor Day is a good one. I did that one time when I traveled to Canada's east coast & what a difference it made in not running into hordes of tourists & the weather was perfect to boot. Did Yellowstone & the Tetons in May once & it was great.