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Friday, June 28, 2013

I'm Mortified to Death!

I drove over to get my hair trimmed this morning, and all was well.  When I left I had to use the restroom, but like most women we'd rather wait until the last minute, so I continued on to REI.  I hit the Ladies first thing, left the stall, washed my hands, checked in the mirror I looked okay, and walked out.

I browsed through half the damn store which consisted of mostly male shoppers today, and then looked down and realized that not only did I forget to zip the fly, I didn't button the top button nor did I buckle my belt!  Could it be that none of those guys even noticed me walking by, much less looked at my fly?  I'm still blushing from the thought of it.

That's what I get for trying to look smart and tuck my shirt into the pants.  I should have left the shirt hanging out and then I would have been modestly covered.  First thing I did when I got home was rip that belt right off!

I didn't find anything I was looking for at REI, and now I don't know where to get a butane cannister for my new Coleman 1-burner stove.  There is no place that sells it, and no, not even the Walmart near me sells it.  Everything is propane!  I think I can buy 12 cans of butane online for $39 plus shipping, plus an extra $15 hazardous shipping fee, but I'll return the stove before I do that.

There were a number of places I wanted to go to after I left REI but just didn't have the heart to go in any more stores.  The heat was rising anyway, and I needed to get home and turn on my swamp cooler.  At 102 I also need a fan circulating the air a little more; 102 is just the beginning - I read on the current 10 day forecast that it will hit 107 before this heat wave is over.  The 10 day forecast changes hourly, so we may be talking over 110!  I never wanted to be in snow more than I do now.  

While Billy Bob is wondering about "apps", I wonder about what the hell is a "hashtag"!  Do they mean a pound sign, and if so, what was wrong with calling it a pound sign.  It reminds me of when I was young and the young people of the day created their own words for things in order to confuse the old folks.  I may be wrong, but I think of an app as an icon for a program - app stands for "application" which is a longer word than "program" and not as easy to spell. 

To round out my day (and it's only 4 in the afternoon) I missed a call from the medical center telling me they can't schedule my surgical procedures before I leave, so call them back and they will set up something for November.  This started out to be something described as "Urgent" by the gallbladder specialist.  I guess what I need is a good app for my jitterbug phone that lists all the competent emergency rooms on my route! 


  1. I threw belts out when I retired from Nortel and went into business with Rich. I shop only REI--had a difficult time finding pants short enough until shopping with them. Many times I'll buy cargo pants in the men's department, and I wear my shirts outside of them.

    So glad you asked the hash tag question. I've wondered if it meant the number/pound sign, too. I just looked it up. It's the number/pound/hashtag sign now. Like the English language needed to become more confusing.

  2. Why can't we leave things alone. Just when I learn something, it becomes obsolete. Of course I am becoming obsolete, too.

  3. Butane fuel found at asian food markets. Really. Usually pay about $4.40 for 4 cans.

  4. A "hashtag" is a word/string/phrase-without-spaces preceded by a #. They are used:

    To tag important words: this post is about #potatoes.

    To identify a group/topic/channel.

    To identify/label a point in a document. HTML uses this kind of hashtag, but you don't see them.

    Twitter has been the main driver and innovator w/r/t hashtags.

  5. Never did like hash, whether or not it had a tag.

    I thought sure you had a trail of toilet paper stuck to your behind. :)

  6. For the butane cans try the closest true value hardware -- that's where I get mine --if they don't have them they can order out of their catalog---your stove will work great and the cans last awhile--makes greatcoffee in a few minutes

  7. Craig did a very good explanation of what a #hashtag is.

    As for being "mortified," maybe this will make you feel better.

    I took a trip to England and rented a car - staying in hostels in the countryside. I arrived very late one evening and was exhausted.

    I went to the bathroom, put on my nightie, and without turning on lights since it was a dorm room went to bed. I awoke in the middle of the night and thought to myself that "Gee, these gals are big-time snorers!"

    When daylight arrived I found I had slept in the MEN'S DORM. I hastily exited to the women's dorm. Yikes!

  8. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=butane+cannister+for+one+burner+stove

    Would these be of any help to you?

  9. I thought you were going to say toilet paper tail too. At least your shirt was tucked in they didn't get much of a view. Besides men don't look down at women they look at your chest. haha

  10. HAHaaaaa Judy... hahaaa....

    I have a lady bug crawling across my computer screen at the moment. Where did it come from? how ... fall from the ceiling? wth at least it's not a spider.

    I worry more about bugs and stuff than hash tags... stuff I don't need to really know ... I let it move on. got enough stuff running around in my brain to fool with more...

    I'm working on a good purge... and then will proceed with more learning…

    that butane business is one reason I took that little stove I bought back to REI when I was in ... Oregon? was it? .. you remember that little stove I thought was going to be wonderful?

    bah ~ didn't and don't do that much camp camping anyway. rather go to Panera Bread... or 50¢ at McDs

    Glad you got up and out today ... I really need to do that too ... this heat kills me. BUT the cats don't really care... they want food and I fooled 'em today with some turkey slices ...

  11. oh and as regards your mortifiedness ... your small ... if it had been me? I would have been arrested.

    I hurried into a camp bathhouse ... it was a night ... As I had lined the seat so beautifully to protect my lovely ample ass... I sat down and there were ugly shoes.

    Then a definite male voice. AND his little boy!

    I waited until clear then ran like hell ... the door had a male sign on it but they really need to amp that up a bit for us old eyed people...

    jeeeeeez that was awful


  12. Oh, my, what a day for you!! Surely tomorrow will be better!!

  13. well? I'll be through in a minute. I took a loooong nap this afternoon because of this heat and I'm wide awake! hate that

    anyway to correct ...

    you're small not your small

    it was at night

    and I had lined

    that lady bug is very cute but ... why is she here? hopefully she'll eat a flea. they're harmless right? interesting

  14. Jo is so right - the men are definitely looking at your chest not your fly. lol I know that hashtags have something to do with Twitter but I don't go there so I don't care.

  15. My god, I'm roll'n on the floor with Caroline's comments. Her tell it like it is don't she.

    Anyhows, take the butane stove back where you found it. Butane is way to hard to find. Coleman....I think, makes a little one burner joberdoo stove what uses propane. Got 'em at Walmart. Ya get propane everwheres.

  16. I bought a butane stove, could not find the butane without paying a fortune for shipping, never used the stove and donated it. Propane is probably the way to go.

  17. I'm so sorry Gypsy I just had to laugh at the picture of you walking around like that but I cannot figure out, given how thin you are, how in the world you kept your pants up. No zipper, no belt, no button. You'll think it's funny in a while too.

    I just simply DO NOT BELIEVE your doctor and your medicial center. What is going on with them? Is this a high priority or not? I would be so furious I would be in my doctor's office making a scene at the front desk, demanding to see the doctor and threatening medical mal-practice.

  18. Here is a link I found (one of many) for emergency room apps:)


  19. just checked True Value. They have it, at $4.29 per can, and you have to buy TWELVE cans!. That is over $50!. I have a stove that fits the can. Maybe I can find a True Value that will sell it by the single can.

  20. I wonder if you live closer to the southern part of Sac. There is a big Chinese supermarket that sell those butane between 1 to 2 dollars a can.
    The name and address is 99 Ranch Market, 4220 Florin Rd. Sacramento

    Korean market is harder to find and pricier.

    San Jose CA