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Thursday, June 27, 2013

My planning "desk"

Here is my trip in the planning stage - note the maps, books, highlighters, and binders (though you can't see them underneath all the other stuff).
The rest of the coffee table is taken up with a 3 hole punch, some open maps, and organizing materials.

I made a wasted trip this morning to the Verizon store - waited about an hour after checking in and watched others who came in later get helped before me.  I never did get anyone to assist me so I finally left and went over to Barnes & Noble, where I bought a book of Robert Frost's poems.

The line "The woods are lovely, dark, and deep" describe why I love the wooded mountains rather than open desert.  The mountains seem to cradle and protect me.  I hope to be doing some southwestern camping though, primarily in New Mexico, Utah, and possibly Nevada (if I eventually get on US 50 for the last leg of my journey.  A bit of my heart will remain in the Appalachians however.

I know many readers love and prefer the deserts of the southwest to the forested mountains of the east.  Isn't it wonderful that this continent, from the Arctic Circle to the Panama Canal, with all its varied terrains and climates, is accessible to us, and we don't have to necessarily get on a plane to visit these places.  I don't think any other country in the world - or I should say continent to include Canada and Mexico (as well as Central America) - can even begin to compare.     

Tomorrow I will stop by REI and hope to pick up a map or two covering Lava Beds National Monument, which is located in the Modoc National Forest.  I've printed a lot of information from the internet but the maps just don't cut it, and I'll get brochures and maps at the Visitors' Center for each national park and forest as I go along.  I printed a map of Skyline Drive through the Shenandoah (VA) and it was utterly useless.  Attempts to print it on two pages were unsuccessful, and while it probably can be done I didn't want to spend any more time on it.

I'm doing a lot less itinerary planning for the return trip (although that may change); I know the places I want to be sure to see, but the actual route will be determined by the folks I want to visit along the way.  Dang, this is almost as much fun as the actual trip!  (And I'm already thinking of where I will go next year). 

A 98 degree day coming up, to be followed by the streak of triple digits.  I don't know if I can stand it!  Normally I would go off camping at the higher elevations for a few days, but with such an ambitious trip planned, plus the road trip in July with Jeannie & family, I will just conserve my energy and resources for now.  And suffer in the Sacramento summer!   


  1. Planning is fun. I do quite a bit of it way ahead of time too.

  2. Me too. I love the planning and dreaming almost as much as the doing. Have fun!!

  3. I didn't think I'd like the desert, but was surprised that I really do. Still love the mountains, trees, forests, shade, etc., but with solar power running everything, I need a clear shot of the sun from morning to night, and always get that in the desert. There are trees here at Bluewater Lake and lots of clear sky/sun all day, too, so this is perfect. :)

    I have to admit, I don't like the planning part. I just get an end point and put it in the GPS and go. I seldom stop along the way. I guess I like the "being there," more than the "getting there," so I miss everything along the way. Works for me, though. :)

  4. After reading Barb's comment - I realized we are just about the opposite. I like the journey better than the destination. I guess cause my destination is usually Jim fishing. lol But I love the planning and researching and making lists of everything I want to see and do.

  5. I like getting lost and ending up finding a buried treasure of a place.

    as anyone who reads my ol blogs knows ... I never know what or where I'm ..well, was going.

    I had a general idea .. lol

    planning makes my head hurt... but if I go into a Visitor's Center or a ranger station or meet someone who says I gotta see a this or that.... it's great fun getting a brochure and map of said area and then head out to see if I think so too.

    most times I did. it's the freedom of choice... I think so.

  6. Even up here a 7100 feet we are getting mid to high 90's right now. Not a happy camper right now. But I guess it still beats the triple digits.

  7. I'll take green mountains over desert any day. I have so many planning books, etc., but when it gets down to it I'd rather just get in and drive and see where I land.

  8. I love maps!! It's fun to lay them out & plan. Dream, roam about on them. I know many prefer their gps, but for me, maps are the best! And you are right, this country has so much to offer. It's fun to just pick & choose. Pick up & go elsewhere. Stay cool, I'd be escaping this heat if I could.

  9. Anneke is our planned, I just go along for the ride:)

  10. Whew! ::wiping my brow:: I made it! I didn't run out of the interwebs.
    And well, I know you know how I feel about Verizon. How DOES that darn company stay in business? Robert Frost was a better place to spend your money anyway, right? :)

    I don't know how much time I have left on the net [sketchy Verizon bandwith] and I realize you are INSANELY busy - but could you drop me an email if you get a chance and let me know where you are off too? I promise to come by when I can until we move [and have permanent internet and then I will be by ALL the time] but I do like to know where you are.

    What? I worry. hee Love and many hugs. Thanks for everything my friend. xo Skip

  11. Might have been just a glitch at Verizon.

    Don't be afraid to go back to the scheduler and ask when your turn is, and explain that you've seen others go ahead of you inappropriately. I've found them to be very accommodating, at the stores especially.

    If there was an error, you have to speak up for yourself. I tend to just wait under this sort of circumstance, too, but lately I find that sometimes things just go wrong, and no one sees it until you point it out to them.