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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dreaming of cool!

Someplace cool, like Ireland.  Even cool and rainy, I wouldn't care.  Four days at 107/108 before it drops to a low 105, and I'm not sure I can take it.  The swamp cooler tries its best and I am helping it along with fans, but it wasn't intended to work this hard.

Thanks to Chuck and Anneke for the link to emergency room apps.  It looks like they only work on an iPhone, iPad, or Android, and I have none of these.  I wondered if it would work on an Apple computer but couldn't find any reference to that, so I will just have to rely on my Garmin GPS in the event I need to find a hospital.  Heck, I'm not going to need a hospital anyway.  Other than being listless from the heat, I'm just fine!

And also thanks to Phil for the info on Tru Value Hardware's price on butane fuel.  I think I will take a look at the local Korean market before I send the stove back.  I saved the packaging it came in for the possibility I'd want to return it.  I love the size though, and thought it would be nice to take along a couple of slim fuel cannisters rather than those stocky looking propane cans.  I have plenty of time to work it out.

Since I'm running low on almond butter I have had an egg sandwich for lunch the past two days.  I'd forgotten how good they are, especially when you fry the egg in bacon grease.  I've been saving a little grease in the fridge for this occasion.  Hell, I'm taking that awful Lipitor so I might as well try to keep my cholesterol level up to where it does me some good.  The doctor said my cholesterol levels were perfect but that I needed the Lipitor so that placque wouldn't break off the walls of my arteries.  He wouldn't say if it actually would lower my cholesterol even further.  Using logic and reasoning, I figured an egg fried in bacon grease now and then, and eaten between two slices of toast slathered with real butter will be good for me, and can't hurt in the long run.  I actually don't worry about fats in my diet because some are necessary, and I eat pretty healthy foods to begin with.  So no "Lite", "Low Fat", "Diet", "Low Sodium", "No sugar" products for me!

I'm feeling pretty bad about negative comments I've made regarding the mobile home park.  In the monthly newsletter is a page called "Sunshine Corner", "Keep these neighbors and friends in your thoughts and prayers."  My name was second on the list.  I hope I've learned a lesson.

A couple of days ago I ordered a toner cartridge for my printer.  It quit squeaking for some reason and the toner light hasn't yet come on, but I know the print is getting very light so I thought I'd get it sooner rather than later.  I really don't want to have to buy a new printer while this one still works.

My son (Steve) called yesterday and said they they were going to Monterey for the weekend (it never gets hot in Monterey that I know of).  He offered that I could stay at their house in A/C comfort but I would rather stay in my own home.  

What Steve calls a "little rat dog" followed Liam home from his walk about a week ago.  They looked everywhere to find notice of a missing dog and even put flyers up themselves, but no takers.  Liam named him Rusty, and the dog has made himself quite at home it seems.  He also chews everything in sight.  Meg took him to the animal shelter last week but he "looked at her" and she couldn't leave him, so she brought him back home.  They were planning to get something like a lab, shepherd, or husky since their new house has a large yard, and I don't think Rusty is the type of dog either of them wanted.  I sure wouldn't want the chewing, especially when their house has been sold and if he ruins something they will have to repair or replace it.  My lab chewed on the bottom of the kitchen cabinets when he was a puppy, and a lot of puppies seem to chew the plaster on the walls.

I think I will definitely look for a black lab when I get back from NY, and looked on a few local websites to see what they had.  Not much that I would be interested in right now, but when the time comes the dog will show up.  No little rat dogs for me however - I won't look into the eyes!  I will have to be very careful to find a dog that can fit my life right now - probably a senior dog who has grown calm and doesn't need the amount of exercise a younger dog might require, and one that doesn't chew whatever is in sight. 


  1. What a lucky senior dog that will be if s/he gets to come live with you. I know senior dogs are hard to place so giving one a home will be a very nice thing to do. If you are sure you don't want to travel much any more like off to beautiful green cool Ireland. hint...hint!! :-))

  2. Keep looking and you will find a perfect dog to be your partner. You both will know when you look at each other. Doesn't matter what breed or size.

  3. My Lizzie was a black lab, and a sweeter dog never walked this earth. Unfortunately, for Labs, people choose them without taking their energy in mind. Once out of "puppyhood", they are the most loyal of dogs. Yellow, black, and chocolate--all the same breed; the same temperment in my experience. While it makes travel a little more difficult, I don't know what I would have done without Lizzie and Jack in my life. Rich did a wonderful job of training them…it was a bit of an adjustment for them to accept me as their pack leader, but they did.

    You'll know the pup when you see her/him. Breed most likely might only be a secondary factor. As I said about Katie, yesterday, being able to scoop up a dog in my arms at my age would be a plus.

    I can't wait to see your new companion. No matter what kind of day you have, a dog is always there for you.

    Until now, I wasn't aware of your health challenges--between my back surgery, a foggy brain, and a new computer, I'm still finding blogs that I used to read on a regular basis…just forgot the names in the Google Reader. So, I'm sorry that I haven't wished you well, before.

  4. Fried egg sandwich in bacon grease on butter slathered toast sounds just right to me! An inexpensive treat for sure.

  5. That's what Jim had for dinner tonight - except he had an English Muffin slathered with butter. We keep a can of bacon grease in the fridge for such times. I didn't want anything so he was a happy camper. You will know when the right dog comes along for you. I think an older dog would be just perfect. And there are so many senior dogs that nobody wants because they want puppies. Weather isn't too bad here in Helena. Warmer than normal but not like you're having.

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