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Monday, June 10, 2013

Computer difficulties

My little one-burner Coleman camping stove arrived today.  I opened up the box and then the case, but it looks like something has to be assembled so I closed it back up again.  It's a job for Donald or Steve.  I doubt there is more to do than to screw in the fuel line, but I'm not attempting it until I see someone else do it first.  Until they start printing directions in large print that's the way I have to do it any more.

The stove uses butane, so I'll need to buy a few cannisters.  The size of the stove should be perfect for me, as the main thing I need is a way to make coffee in the morning.  I don't do any elaborate cooking when I camp, and don't really need the two burner when I'm alone.  I can return Donald's two burner propane stove now.

As for my blog, I mentioned that the font keeps changing size, and that could just be showing up on my laptop.  I'm typing this on the I-Mac, and I also notice that the sitemeter works on this computer - 325,939 as of this minute - but doesn't work at all on the laptop.  I remember now that pictures don't always show up on this computer, whereas I can always see them on the laptop.  They are easier to load on the laptop as well.  So some features work better on one computer, while others definitely do best on the other.  They have different versions of operating system which could be the culprit, or maybe it's Firefox that could cause the trouble.  I think everything works ok when I use Safari (an Apple browser) but I don't like Safari as well.  If it isn't one thing, it's another.

I haven't yet seen my oldest granddaughter.  The girls spent some time yesterday at a hot springs in Southern CA, then ran into a traffic stop because of a fire on the freeway.  I don't think they expected to arrive until 2 am.

I'm doing fine without TV, and would have cancelled it by now if I was able to work at Lassen this summer.  It turns out I probably could have worked there because it certainly doesn't seem likely I'll have surgery until the winter.

In the evenings I just get out my maps, dream, figure more diversions to my possible route, and set forward the date to leave because I have all those extra miles to travel!  What started out at about 4000 miles is now up to at least 5000!  Depending on the cost of fuel across the country, I'm looking at something like $1,000+ for fuel.  That is probably a pittance compared to what some of you pay for fueling up those big diesel pushers!  I actually hope to get better mileage than I'm estimating, but the summer fuels seem to run the fuel economy into the dirt.  The last trip I made I was getting 26mpg in NY which dropped to about 17 or 18mpg by the time I got to Oregon.

Last night I turned on my loaded up dishwasher and realized that I didn't hear water sloshing around in it. I emailed Steve, who thinks it could be a clogged water line or worse, and he'll take a look at it when he gets back from a business trip.  The plumbing and electric in this dwelling is archaic so I hope it isn't the worst case scenario.

It felt downright arctic this morning, and a high of only 76 is expected, with overcast skies.  I really need to do some laundry, or I'll be turning my underwear inside out and wearing it again!  It seems like I just did the laundry.  I don't know whether to get started washing dishes or clothes first.


  1. I had to laugh at you suggesting that you would turn your undies inside out to get double wear time. OK, maybe I should try that. . . I use three different browsers, depending what I am doing. They all work differerntly.

  2. downright arctic ... HAhaa... here we go with summer... I knew it was coming but ... hoping it would be delayed as spring was.

    Glad you got all kinds of help surrounding you ...

    Well? as for as underwear goes... I will go without. I prefer panties but when I didn't get to a laundry place when I was traveling or forgot .. I just went without.

    Now? at home ... I forget and run out. I still haven't gotten Homer unpacked and my little chest of drawers is still in there with m'britches!

    no where to put stuff... I tell ya. so going without is kinda fun at 70.

    what will I do next ...

  3. Our very first computer came with Internet Explorer. We are still using IE 17 years later. Tried half a dozen others over the years but always came back to IE. It maybe isn't the best browswer in the world but it has always worked for us & we are used to it. Planning a trip is sometimes more fun than the actual trip itself....

  4. When I read your answer on RVB today the letters were huge. For me I liked it. So maybe it's your setting on the font. Sometimes others use such a small font I can't even read it.

    Planning a trip is fun! Sorry you missed out on Lassen.

  5. The inside out undies made me laugh out loud, too. I've never heard that before. I have a whole drawer full, I'll never run out!

    I use Firefox and it does a good job for me. Sometimes I think the settings cause the problems, but who knows?

  6. Have you looked into dispersed camping? That would be a great way to save money on the road!